August 1, 2010


This will be a regular feature so keep an eye out for it! We have some amazing characters in the line up, starting with SWATward from ‘The Hostage’. I am doing this in tandem with the BFFFers of Fanfiction as they are one of our sister sites. There you can read the author interviews…here we have the characters! Be sure to check them both out!

Hola lil pushes! Ever wonder what SWATward from ‘The Hostage’ by Ebalways does in his off time? Wondered about what he likes to read and what his favorite thing about Bella is? Well I had the awesome experience of having some one on one time with him here!

TheLilFicPusher: So how old were you exactly when you graduated from high school? And what grade did you skip?

Edward: I graduated at 16. Skipped 3rd grade

TLFP: Did that set you behind in the social department? I was a year behind everyone in school as I started early. I know how it is.

Edward: Yes. I was always a bit of an outcast, at least in elementary/jr high. I was little, smart and nerdy. So I wasn't popular. That changed with puberty and a growth spurt. I was allowed to be cool then, even though internally I hadn't changed.

TLFP: Allowed to be cool because your looks had changed?

Edward: Right. I was taller, the braces came off, and my hair grew out. I looked like the cool kids, instead of some little nerd. So they were more accepting based on that.

TLFP: It's interesting that mindset, isn't it? You were still the same person, but the same people treated you differently suddenly.

Edward: Yes, and it really frustrated me and I guess made me jaded. I saw most people as superficial from that point on. I did what I had to in order to fit in, but never really felt like I did.

TLFP: I can see how that would be the case. How old were you when you decided you wanted to work in the protective services?

Edward: Pretty young, probably around 15 or so. I grew up in kind of a rough neighborhood, North Las Vegas. My mom was mugged a couple of times and they never caught the guy. It was frustrating and I wanted to make a difference.

TLFP: You certainly do make a difference. Can I ask what your first thoughts are every time you go out on a call?

Edward: Depends on the call but it's usually just the hope that everything goes smoothly, and we come back to the precinct with as many guys as we started with.

TLFP: Do you and the boys have a pep talk before hand? Any rituals?

Edward: Yeah, we all tell each other to watch our backs and get home safe, that type of thing. Jake and I always ask each other if "we're ready." It's something we've done since we were in the Academy together.

TLFP: When you first made contact with Bella, give me the first thing you thought when you heard her voice?

Edward: beautiful, scared but strong

TLFP: That’s so nice.

TLFP: You have had other relationships right?

Edward: Yeah ... nothing that I would call serious.

TLFP: Anyone you brought home to mom, so to speak?

Edward: Nope. Not yet.

TLFP: Do you hope to with Bella?

Edward: I would love to.

TLFP: I think shed be someone that any mother would love.
Alice...You and her have a different relationship.
Care to explain?

Edward: Well, we've always been close. She's pretty intelligent and strong willed, and has always been protective of me. When I was younger, she never failed to stick up for me even at the expense of her reputation as a popular kid. With the exception of my parents, for many years she was the one person (my age) that truly accepted me as I was. As she's always been there for me, and honest even if it hurts.

TLFP: It’s good that she’s so honest with you. Were you worried at first about her opinions on Bella?

Edward: Very much.

TLFP: Did you put a lot behind what she said? I mean, she is your sister. Was it hard to kind of break away from what she thought about the situation?

Edward: I always do. She made me think about why I couldn't stop thinking about Bella, and why she seemed to be drawn to me. Yes, it was hard but I didn't really have a choice. I had to follow my instincts.

TLFP: I bet you are glad you did now.

Edward: I am!

TLFP: So I have to ask. What’s your opinion on the taker situation? Is he dead?
Edward: I really don't know what to think. It wouldn't surprise me either way, at this point.

TLFP: It almost seems too obvious to me that he’s still alive.

Edward: Again, it could go either way. He very well could have been in that car. It happens, especially with transients. But it could have also been a mistake.

TLFP: This is true.

TLFP: I'd like to go back for a second with the age thing and the Bella thing...

Edward: Sure

TLFP: Do you think that being younger than the past I guess, and being so ahead of people in the game, has stunted your way with people in any way?

Edward: Hmm ... I suppose in some ways it could have. I know I'm flying pretty blind with this relationship thing. But I also think it gives me the ability to understand people better as well.

TLFP: How so?

Edward: Well, I think moving so fast through life - in some respects - and having so many experiences with so many different kinds of people - has helped me read people better, especially in hostage negotiations

TLFP: Okay, I think I see your point now actually

TLFP: So, Edward...I want to get down to the nitty gritty here

Edward: okay

TLFP: Inquiring minds want to know

TLFP: Boxers or Briefs?

Edward: Boxer briefs!

TLFP: Boxer Briefs eh? *cues swoon*

TLFP: What do you do in your spare time, or however little spare time it is that you have?

Edward: Yep. Good question. I like to help out my Dad with his construction
business, because he always needs help. I also like to just relax with a good book. I'm pretty boring.

TLFP: What’s your favorite book?

Edward: I have to pick ONE?

TLFP: Well no. Here. How about this. Tell me your top 5

Edward: Oh Jesus, that's even worse. Okay...

TLFP: Here...What are you reading right now?

Edward: Ticket to Ride, On the Road

Edward: Right now?

TLFP: Well I mean it doesn’t have to be as we speak, but what book does Edward Cullen have cracked at the moment

Edward: The Misbegotten Son by Jack Olsen

TLFP: I'm a big fan of On the Road

Edward: It's about a serial killer

TLFP: Interesting.

TLFP: Do you watch a lot of television?

Edward: Not really

TLFP: Any at all? Come on now. There must be a secret hang up of yours

Edward: Some, but I don't watch a lot. Oh, a secret hangup? Um ... well ...

Edward: I actually do really like the SCI-Fi show Eureka. It's pretty good and I make sure to DVR it. And I like Ghosthunters, too. The originals, not the lame Ghosthunters International.

TLFP: Haha. You know you now have girls round the world scurrying to find those.

Edward: They should! Good shows!

TLFP: What’s the last thing you think about before you go to sleep and the first thing when you wake up?

Edward: Usually work. What went wrong, what went right. What I can do to improve. When I wake up? Usually 'I need to pee.'

TLFP: you think that might change in the near future?

Edward: I very much hope so

TLFP: So ya understood my hidden meaning there.

Edward: Oh yes, I did.

TLFP: Can I ask what you envision happening with you and Bella?

Edward: God, that's really difficult. I know we have to start out slow and I can't push her too much, but I hope we can be friends and just have some sort of normal relationship. As normal as two people in our situation can. I hope she can continue to move forward and allow me further into her life. That's what I want to happen.

TLFP: Understandable. At least you aren’t already seeing a picket fence and puppies...right?

Edward: Well ... no, not exactly. Not yet.

TLFP: Just checking to make sure you were being realistic.

Edward: Oh yeah I am. I know she has a long road ahead of her. I just hope she'll continue to let me be a part of it.

TLFP: What’s your favorite thing about Bella?

Edward: Her strength

TLFP: Do you have a least favorite thing?

Edward: spinach

TLFP: You hate spinach...Well I had meant about Bella...but that’s a much better answer. Remind me never to make you spinach quiche

Edward: About Bella ... her lack of confidence in her ability to handle her own life

TLFP: She has her reasons, but it can be off-putting I guess.

Edward: She does have her reasons; I just hate what they put her through.

TLFP: There’s always something. Just don’t fuck around with her, Edward. I think you'd have some explaining to do to Emmett and Rosalie if you do.

Edward: I would never do that. She's captivated me like no other woman has and I'm not going to fuck it up.

TLFP: I like that you use the word captivated. She really means a lot to you doesn’t she?

Edward: She does and it's still baffling to me

TLFP: It probably is to her too. It was instant attraction with her wasn’t it?

Edward: I guess it was. Just took me a while to realize it.

TLFP: So I've asked a lot about Bella...what was it like growing up as Edward Cullen?

Edward: Good at times, hard at others. My family is working class and there were times when my parents had to struggle to put food on the table. Dad's construction business is doing pretty well now, but he's not getting rich. But we've always been close knit and made the best of what we did have. Being smart had its advantages but there were plenty of disadvantages too. I got beat up as a kid, called names, made fun of, etc. In high school things were better, but only for the reasons we've discussed, reasons that were all materialistic. But as a whole, I can't complain. I have a great family and I’m doing something I love.

TLFP: You do seem to have such a great family. They seem really supportive.

Edward: They are, that's for sure. And Jake is a great friend, too. He's like family, even though he's a pain in my ass.

TLFP: Hahaha, yes Jake. You two seem close. You don’t see him as ever being competition with your Bella, do you?

Edward: Nah. He's pretty into Leah and we don't compete. And we are close.

TLFP: That’s good to hear.

Edward: I'm sure.

TLFP: Well, I think we've covered quite a bit of ground.

Edward: Yeah we have!

TLFP: Thank you Edward, for spending some time here. I will give you the floor if you have anything else you'd like to add...

Edward: Hmm. Just that I meant what I said when I told Bella that as long as she was happy with herself, I would be too. And I'm not walking away from her.

TLFP: That makes all of us happy. I hope she reads this and knows it to be true.

Edward: Me too!

TLFP: Any chance I could get a word in with EBalways, Edward? I think we're through here. It was so nice meeting you and your boxer briefs

Edward: Sure, have at it. You too. Todays are navy blue.

TLFP: Well...Is it hot in here? or aw hell..Picturing the navy blues...

TLFP: So, Ebalways.

EBalways: Yes?

TLFP: I'd like to ask you yourself 3 questions

EBalways: Okay

TLFP: 3 rapid fire questions for ya.

EBalways: shoot

TLFP: Top 5 fanfics?

EBalways: Boycotts and Barflies, Stay, Bella Swan: Kidnapper, Tides of Fate, Holding Out For You…Can I say 6? I have to add in Summer Nights.

TLFP: What was the first fic you ever read?

EBalways: Boycotts and Barflies or Passion Fish. Can't remember which was first.

TLFP: Do you still read FF? If so what are you reading now?

EBalways: This is terrible, but I really don't have the time. If I read, I get sucked in and won't write so I have to stay away. Between writing The Hostage and editing Near You Always, I'm swamped.

TLFP: It’s a fair answer. Alot of authors don’t read much anymore if at all.

EBalways: Really? I don't feel so bad then. Hadn't heard that. I know there are several I'd like to start but I don't dare, lol.

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