August 2, 2010

REVIEW: Custom Built by NinjaKitten3782

The Story:Custom Built
The Author: NinjaKitten3782
The Pairing: Edward/Bella
The Genre: Love/Romance
The Rating: M

The Summary:
When Bella Swan inherits a run-down family cabin in Colorado, she hires sexy contractor Edward Cullen to do the custom remodel and sparks fly. FIRST PLACE VOTER'S CHOICE WINNER in the Men at Work Anonymous Contest.

The Review:
Okay this has to be one of the most amazing stories that I've read thus far. Most one-shots are quick, short, and straight to the point. Not this one. I really feel as if I've gone on a journey with these two. It's not very often you find a one-shot where each of them live on the other side of the country. You really feel like you've been reading about them forever. You will really fall in love with her Edward and Bella. Come on lets face it. You know you want Edward custom building a cabin, specifically for you,  in the mountains?

March: Frisco, Colorado
Edward POV

"Hey, Edward?" My brother's voice travelled down the hallway of our small office space.


"I think I've got a pretty sweet project for you… custom home remodel."

Those were the magic words. I rose from my desk and made my way down toward Emmett's office at the end of the hall. When I got to his doorway I asked, "Let's see it, where's the property?"

"Here. Well… not 'here' but only about fifteen minutes down the road. It's right on the lake over in Dillon," he replied while handing me a slim folder.

"Lake-front, huh?"

His eyes lit up, "Yeah. Real nice piece of land. I spoke to the woman on the phone who inherited it. She called this morning. It's been in her family for over sixty years or something… hasn't been lived in for about ten. She wants a total re-do while leaving the feel of the place the same. You know, modern amenities with a mountain style. Sounded like something you'd be interested in."

Emmett was right. This did sound like a great project for me. I detested people who bought land up here only to tear down the existing structure and build a modern monstrosity in its place. If this woman wanted an old-school mountain renovation with modern perks, we could definitely be on the same page. I only had one more question for Emmett before I decided to call the lady back to see if we might work well together, "You didn't note a budget on here. Did she give you an idea of what she's looking at?"

My brother's smile grew, "No budget. Anything goes."

I whipped my head up to see if he was joking, "Are you serious? This shit can get expensive, you know that. I've done 2.5, even 3 million dollar remodels up here." If there was no limit on cost, that meant there was also no limit on my commission. This could be a nice little job for me.

"Dude. Seriously. Talk to her… you'll see what I mean. She's dead set on this. No limit."

"Alright, I'll go give her a call," I said as I shoved everything he had back into the file and took it back down the hallway to my office. Bella Swan. Nice name. Okay, Bella Swan, let's see if we get along.

When you read this you will truly experience what it's like to begin to care for someone you haven't even met. This is on my list of favorites and you should add it to yours as well. It's a loving, caring, classic romance, that will always be remembered. Give it a chance, you won't be sorry. Please read and don't forget to review.

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