August 1, 2010

REVIEW: Paper Heart by Hezpixie


The Story: Paper Heart

The Author: Hezpixie

The Pairing: Edward/Bella

The Rating: M

The Status: WIP

The Summary:
Bella and Edward fall in and out of love over the course of 5 years. We begin at the end, we end at the beginning, and somewhere in the middle, we realize just how easy it is to lose each other along the way.

As a reader I’m always looking for unique stories and this is absolutely one. If you are a “happily ever after” kind of reader this might not be a story for you. From the very beginning we readers know that Edward and Bella don’t end up together and that may scare some readers away, but I think it only makes the storytelling more unique. One of the best things (at least I think so) about this fic is the way the story is told. Heather alternates chapters from Bella’s point of view to Edward’s point of view. While that in itself isn’t so unique, the fact that Bella’s story starts at the end of their relationship and Edward’s story starts at the beginning is completely different from any story I’ve read. We already know the end to this story, but what we don’t know is what really happened in that five year period to get them to that point. The contrasting points of view and chapters alternating tell us that story.

In one chapter we feel the pain that Bella feels seeing the end of the relationship:

"I swear to God, I'll never understand how you can stand there, and see I'm crying, and not do anything at all," Bella - Chapter 3

Yet in the next chapter we feel the happiness of love and a new and committed relationship:

“You are my life, Bella," I murmured against her shoulder. Edward - Chapter 4

And the emotion that is depicted is so raw and well-written and utterly believable.

“We loved, once; oh God, Edward, didn't we love? Carefree and innocent, unscathed by the raw and ravaged landscape that heartbreak so often leaves in its wake. We learned together what it was like to move in synchronicity, two halves of a whole. We sang and wrote and breathed and fought and loathed and laughed and lived. I can no longer remember who I was before him, but I do know this: I will love him unrequited for the rest of my life. “ Bella – Chapter 1

The Author’s Note on the story explains that the basis of the story is a musical called "The Last Five Years" by Jason Robert Brown and throughout the story Heather weaves in the lyrics from said musical. While I haven’t seen or listened to the music, links are included where you can if you are interested.

Having the back and forth, we as readers get to see how much the relationship has changed in the five year period. While reading this I went from sympathizing with Bella and thinking what an asshole Edward was for not supporting her and at the end, putting his career before his wife, to seeing how he doted on her in the beginning of their relationship and it makes you as a reader wonder what the hell happened to change that. At this point, we haven’t gotten Edward or Bella's entire story because it is only 6 chapters in, but I look forward to the rest of this tale.

So… don’t let the first chapter or author’s notes scare you away… this fic is definitely worth your time to read. The storytelling is heartbreaking and beautiful and even hard to handle at times, but you’ll be missing out if you don’t give it a try.

As I told a friend, if you can’t handle that there isn’t a happily ever after, write one in your head… but don’t miss out on reading this story!

Reviewed by jarkin33/@jaimearkin

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