July 15, 2010

REVIEW: For You, Anything by parismylove

The Story: For You, Anything

The Author: parismylove http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2161121/parismylove

The Pairing: Edward/Bella

The Genre: Angst, Hurt, Comfort, Romance

The Rating: M

The Status: WIP

The Summary:

Edward is a famous actor filming in Forks where he meets Bella, an intriguing bookstore owner that possesses something he has not had in far too long – happiness. Their worlds and lifestyles are different, but when they're together they are just Edward and just Bella, two people who don't want their pasts and secrets to matter. But...they do. Can they survive when these pasts and secrets come back to haunt them?

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What I have to say:

The author of this story is someone who I have had the fortunate experience of getting to know quite well. The amount of thought and detail that she puts into her story is actually pretty amazing. She pulls seemingly small details from Stephenie Meyer's work and puts them into her story in a way that still ties to her story, its characters and the setting so perfectly. A personal favorite of mine, that I did not bring up however another reader did, is the use of the red truck. You'll understand what I mean when you read it, which you will.

The story begins with Edward, a mega movie star, in Forks to film his latest movie. He meets Bella, who appears to be just a bookstore owner with a thirst for life. As it goes, they fall for each other fast, much faster then either of them think is possible. Edward, of course, has a secret ready to jump out and bite them in the ass, but does Bella as well? Of COURSE she does! Are these secrets enough to make them both wanted and hated? They need to rely on each other to survive...the question is, can they? Please join them on this journey through movie premieres, book readings and a friend's wedding. You will not be disappointed. I've been with her since close to the beginning, and I'm dreading the day it ends. This WIP is a must-read, and you will be begging for updates.

You will walk away from this story with the simple word 'Live' holding a completely new meaning. It will also leave you with the want to celebrate life for all the good things that happen and despite all the bad. Bella vigilantly lives by this and so should you!

I want to say that the reason I started reading this fic is because I have a thing for Famouswards...but its not what kept me hooked. I've read plenty of famousward stories and not continued on. The fact of the matter is that she hit the nail on the head here. Its completely under the radar, not well known enough, and needs a little love. Seriously. The first time that Edward talks bout worshipping Bella, you'll wish that YOU owned a bookstore in Forks. True story!

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