July 19, 2010

REVIEW: Need You Now by Bellasunderstudy1

The Story: Need You Now

The Author: bellasunderstudy1

The Pairing: Edward/Bella

The Genre: Romance/Family

The Rating: M

The Status: WIP

The Summary:

Written for Cystic Fibrosis Awareness month. Bella is widowed and has a daughter living with Cystic Fibrosis. Will Edward be able to prove he can be what Bella and her daughter need? Canon Couples.

What I have to say:

First of all, I must say that I was fortunate enough to have had this author on alert so that I was able to read this story. That being said, I have been with it since day one. It is now eighteen chapters in, but I am still as in love with it as I was the day I first opened the alert. I crave the updates, in fact. I've also had the fortunate experience of getting to know the author as well, and she is one of the nicest that I have met on here. Always willing to lend a hand anywhere its needed. The fact that this story is near and dear to her heart, makes it near and dear to mine.

About the story, its just absolutely one of the sweetest stories I have ever read in all of my time reading fanfiction. You will fall in love with her Edward before he even speaks a word, and you will feel the pressure that Bella has on her shoulders before she even tells you why.

"Bella," I whispered as I reached out to ghost the back of my fingers along the side of her cheek, sliding them over the curve of her jaw and wrapping my hand around her neck.

I rubbed my thumb over her pulse point and could feel her heart rate increase as I looked into her eyes.

"Oh, Bella, that's what's happened to you? I knew you must have felt whatever this is between us, how could you not? I've never felt such a pull to someone before, Bella, but my God if that's the type of guys you've encountered since your husband passed, then no wonder you ran from me."

It made me incredibly sad to know Bella felt she had to push me away, that she did it not because she didn't feel something for me, but to protect herself and her daughter.

"I'm not going to run away from you or your daughter, Bella. Let me in," I whispered, looking deeply into her eyes. "Let me prove to you that I'm not going anywhere. I won't walk away. I won't leave you alone. You can let me in, Bella. I won't leave you."

When Bella lets down those walls,its like a floodgate of emotion opens up, and you are always left wanting more. Edward is a steadfast saviour that makes my heart melt, and doesn't allow Bella to forget her past. He doesn't want to eclipse her first husband, he just wants to be woven in to the family dynamic like another piece of the puzzle.

Olivia, Bella's daughter, of course falls under Edwards spell immediately cementing the idea in Bella's mind that he might just be exactly what she needs. Shes an adorable little child that had a terrible hand dealt to her, but she moves on in spite of it.

I love that Renee is not so typically her in this, meaning not the free-spirit that we all think of her as. She seems to have her reasons for protecting her girls and has a hard edge to her.

I think I'm terrified that something might happen to pry these two apart, as they are quickly becoming my favorite Bella/Edward coupling in the fandom. At least in the not full out angst corner.

In short, Need You Now is absolutely on my must-read list and should be on yours as well. Take a read, give it at least four chapters. If it is still not your cup of tea, by all means, don't continue. But I must say I was indefinitely hooked in only two.

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