July 13, 2010

REVIEW: Camisado by Sophz456

Bella Swan and Edward Masen are highly trained operatives and members of an organization known as The Agency. Four years ago Edward was sent undercover to work for a crime family--The Volturi-- and now Bella has been sent to pretend to be Edward's girlfriend. Her mission is to rescue him as well as a key witness that had been kidnapped before she could testify in a trial against The Volturi. Will Bella and Edward keep up their charade or realize there's more truth to it than they thought?

Take a lil peek-a-lou at Chapter 1:

"Good," he sighed, smiling. "So, what I want to know is who sent you and why, and if you don't tell me…" He trailed off, his smile turning sinister. "Well, let's just say that James here will make you talk… amongst other things."
I closed my eyes, strengthening my resolve, then slowly opened them again and stared at the man before me. He shook his head and sighed. "Stupid girl. Felix?"
The barrel of a gun pressed against the back of my head.
"You have until three." I swallowed hard. "One…"
Please… Please…
"She's with me!"
Ahh! I totally picture some kickass movie scene when I read parts of this fic. When you read the first chapter you'll kinda be like "What the hell just happened?" but if you keep reading you'll see how freakin' genius the setup of this story is!! If you love some Mobward that's really a SecretAgentward....

Rated: M
Genre: Drama/Romance
Pairing: Bella/Edward

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