February 5, 2012

Atlantic City by PhoenixRN

Something sinister is going on behind the scenes at a popular casino. When things get dangerous, reluctant casino manager Edward, enlists the help of an intelligent runaway Bella, to figure out what's happening and to save them both. All Human ExB.

Rating: M
Genre: Drama/Suspense

My Summary:

Best friends Bella and Jasper have been on the run for four years. They fled their hometown of Philadelphia so that Jasper could escape from his abusive father. Bella, the reclusive genius, did not want to be separated from her closest (and only) friend, so she joins him. Together they travel the country and make their money in casinos. Bella is a numbers girl and counts cards at the blackjack tables while Jasper uses his knack for sensing emotions in poker games. Eventually, Bella gets tired of their nomadic lifestyle and tells Jasper. He immediately tries to find a way to end their troubles, not only because he is the reason for their situation, but he is also deeply in love with Bella. Unfortunately for him, it is unrequited.

The pair find themselves in Atlantic City where Jasper involves himself with underground criminal James, much to Bella's disapproval. While Jasper starts working for James, Bella meets Edward at the casino he manages: Volterra. When Bella falls on hard times, Edward is there to save her. What happens when he realizes Volterra is not the safest place for her to be? Or him for that matter...dun dun dunnnn!

Why I Love This Fic:

I found this story while fic diving and was instantly drawn in by the summary. I have yet to read a fanfiction with a casino plot and I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did! This story is so beautifully written and each chapter keeps me on my toes. I've never been surprised by a fic like I have been with Atlantic City. It's really hard to say certain things without giving away the plot, so I'm going to leave you with the summary above and my stamp of approval. Go uncover all the wonderful mysteries of Atlantic City, it will keep you wanting more with each chapter you read. There are only about 400 reviews on this story and the author deserves so much more! Make sure to leave her some love when you read :)

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