October 15, 2011

TPOTW (10/7 - 10/14) ft. @Nostalgicmiss @SabisSookie @Typokween @DeutzaT

This post is a teeny bit late...sorry about that! But I'm here and I'm ready to show you My Top Picks of the Week...

When Bella comes to stay with Charlie, his first inclination is to keep her away from the vampires and send her to school on the Reservation where she'll be protected. Her life changes forever when bad boy Paul comes out to play.

I'm basking in all the good wolfpack fics that are being written right now and Harmonic Convergence has got to be one of my favorites. I'm a sucker for a good Paul/Bella story...you can probably tell from previous posts! This one has a nice twist to it and if you haven't checked it out already, be sure to give it a try! It's well written and updates regularly :)

360 : He took my underwear, hung them from his back pocket, then said, "These are mine."

This story updates every Friday and I swear I am refreshing my inbox for that new chapter. High school fics usually aren't my thing, but damn, the title really rings true: this story is a slow burn. If you like your Edward a little possessive, a little badass and a lot angry, The Slowest Burn is for you. I really can't get enough of it! Go read... *pushes you to the link*

A Procrustean Bed- a standard or set of conditions, determined arbitrarily, to which everyone is forced to conform. But the question is... are there really any rules when it comes to the affairs of the heart?

Like so many fic lovers out there, I am a huge fan of Olderward. In The Procrustean Bed, Edward is a recent widow and meets younger Bella in a coffee shop. Although he is still mourning the loss of his wife, Edward can't resist the attraction to Bella. This fic is a must-read for those who love a sexy and sophisticated Edward. The Procrustean Bed will not disappoint you, go leave the author some love for this amazing story!

Those were my top picks this week, if you find a story you love then you should write a guest review for us! It's easy, just fill out this form and we'll post it within a day or two!

Until next time...

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