October 16, 2011

A Multitude of Sins by @lvtwilight09

 New parish priest & school principal Edward Cullen finds himself tempted by the person he least expects. Will he be able to keep his vows or will he find himself lost in a multitude of sins?

This interesting and quirky fic is a quick read and has straight to the point chapters- which seems to be the new in-thing on FF. Lvtwilight09 updates every day, it seems. Which is always a good thing for us ever-needy readers. She is currently not using a beta because she updates so frequently.However, this does not cause it to be a horrible to read either.

This Bella is just finally coming into her own at the late chapter of 34, but now that she is, I see so much potential for the remainder of this fic. Edward, as well, is struggling to figure out just where his loyalties and heart lies. It is an interesting read, one that I have yet to experience on FF which is a serious rarity.Join myself and the many other people already reading ‘A Multitude of Sins’ and see what it is all about. Share along with Nunella and Priestward as, after a lifetime of devoting theirselves and loving nothing more than their church and their God, they realize that love is an ever-powerful thing, powerful enough to make them question their beliefs and everything they thought they were always certain of.

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