September 5, 2011

One-Shot Author Special @evieeden

Behind The Gym - My favorite, I'm hoping she'll make it into a full story one day.
Every day Bella disappears from school, but where she goes and what she does is not what anyone would ever suspect.

It All Begins With A Choice - This is what should have happened, take notes SM.
Edward finally forces Bella to make up her mind. Set during Eclipse.

Up In The Air - I really wouldn't have minded this discussion in the book.
On the way home from Volterra, Bella and Edward have a discussion about their future in the one place where they can't escape from one another. Birthday fic written for tiffanyanne3.

Teasing Rob - This is Real Person fic, not for everyone, but it's R/K and really cute.
An R/K RPF set during New Moon, written for arden8283's birthday.

This is like a drop in the ocean of all her one-shots, I really recommend checking out her profile and reading all of them.
xoxo, Lea

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