August 13, 2011

More wolfpack love.

*waves* I'm back from a little vacation! Not much has changed since my last pushes, I'm still obsessed with wolfpack fics! I've got two more Wolf/Bella stories for you to check out....

Set at the time of the newborn battle in Eclipse but in a Cullen free world. Victoria and her new coven are coming to La Push. AU, M for sex, language and themes

This was a really interesting take on the battle in Eclipse. There are no Cullens in this story and Quil is the one that protects Bella while the fight goes on. Let's just say things get a little....heated. Chaos ensues. It's complete and a must-read for all you wolf lovers! Hell, anything by Mrstrentreznor is a must-read...I love all her stories.

Echoes by MaeMay
New Moon: After Bella leaves for Italy to save Edward, she never returns. The pack thinks she was killed, so two years later when she returns, where has she been? How have Charlie and Jacob dealt? Will they understand her intentions?

I'm very picky with my Jacob/Bella stories. I hate the whole Edward/Bella/Jacob love triangle and this one does not have that. Bella suffered the consequences of revealing her knowledge of vampires to the Volturi and was forced to hide from her family in order to protect them. Jacob went through the same pain that Bella did when Edward left and he's not quick to forgive Bella for choosing to help the Cullens. I don't want to reveal everything that goes on....but Echoes is heartbreaking and wonderful. 

There you have it, some new wolfy fics to tide you over! I'll be back in a few days with an Edward/Bella story to pimp. Until next time....

P.S. I don't know about you, but I'm loving the new look! Hopefully more new things to come on here :)

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