August 20, 2011

A Hundred Years of Solitude

Cien Anos de Soledad by HappyInLove
There is a Girl, there is a Boy. There is a Kid. There are feelings. That's about it, really. But what else is there?
Oh, this fic...*sighs*. Like many of you, I'm a sucker for Actorward and this one does not disappoint, but I have to say that the sweet little girl in this story steals the show. First let us learn a little more about two of the main characters:
I was twenty-three years old, a college graduate, former volunteer at an orphanage in Guatemala, and I had a backpack that held not just my only other change of clothes, but also the only other change of clothes for my little girl. My little girl. That was all I possessed. The sweatshirt that acted as a blanket to Maya wasn't even my own.
This fic puts you through an emotional whirlwind! Bella and her newly adopted daughter Maya escaped a country in the midst of a civil war, using fake documents to do so. On the plane ride home the pair sit next to actor Edward Cullen, not knowing who he is at all. Being the sweetheart that he is, he lends Maya his sweatshirt when she's cold and checks out her beautiful mom in the meantime. They sit in silence and eventually part ways once they arrive at their destination.

In a simple twist of fate, Edward and Bella meet again, become friends and eventually fall in love. Of course, life isn't easy when you have an adopted child with a traumatized past. The story focuses on the relationship between Edward, Bella, and Maya as well. 

Maya Swan is one of the sweetest children in fanfiction, you'll watch as she slowly comes out of her shell and blossoms into a lively little girl. Cien Anos de Soledad is complete and when you finish that last chapter you'll be a little drained from all the emotions you've a good way!

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