May 15, 2011

My Top 3 of the Week (5/8 - 5/15)

*waves* Welcome to a new feature on The Wayward Pushers! Every Sunday I'll be making a post of my favorite fics from the past week. I read a variety of pairings and genres, so hopefully you'll find at least one story that suits your fancy! Here are three fics that owned me this week...

Two broken souls live on the same street, sharing only a lawn. He barely knows her name, and she judges him by the bottle in his hand. Together, they'll inadvertently help heal each other's wounds.

This story is beautifully written and really sweet. Jasper is struggling with alcoholism and Bella is his neighbor who is very familiar with Jasper's situation. I ate up every single chapter and can't wait for an update, there's only about two chapters left before it's over *sniffs*

Snapping up Bella and Paul at the slap and going to play with them. Complexities, realistic characters, angst, romance, intensity and even some smut. Imprinting - but not the generally agreed upon way - it's complicated.

I love me some Paul/Bella and I just found this one the other day. If you enjoy a good wolfpack story, check this little guy out.

After returning from Italy, Bella's not sure if she can still love Edward. The next morning, she awakens in an unimaginable time and place: Houston, 1862. When she encounters a member of the Cullen family as a human, how far will she follow her heart?

Time travel and Jasper? My two favorite things! Seriously, I think 1862 Jasper is my all-time favorite. All southern gentleman and confederate soldier-like...*sigh* All Jasper lovers need to read this story! And if you don't like Jasper...what's wrong with you?

There you have it, my top 3 of the week! Hope you found some new stories to check out, until next time...

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