May 16, 2011

Guest Review - Addicted by @lizzylillyrose (review by @credoroza)

Her life was uneventful until she met a stunning, mysterious, obsessive man with a monstrous past. What happens when the past catches up with him and throws them both in to the unknown?

Rated: M
Pairing: Bella/Edward
Status: WIP

"Addicted starts off with a bang in the first chapter. Bella meets "Addictward" one late night in a grocery story. Immediate attraction between the two with an underlying trepidation. You are immediately hooked by this mysterious Edward. He is very dark and mysterious and like no other you have read. Bella is not your typical wilting violet either. She has opinions, wants ans dreams. She knows what she wants.

Addicted is filled with mystery, adventure, love and an incredible passion. The creativity of the story line is unlike anything I have ever read. Want to know what an Aswang and Dhvampir is? Come along and see for your self, you will not be disappointed.

Usual cast of characters, R/A/J/E and a very OCC Carlisle.

The mystery and passion will grab you by the throat at chapter 1 and keep you on the edge of your seats in every chapter just trying to figure the story out. Oh! And is Edward a vampire? That actually takes a few chapters to figure out!

Excellent read, chapters have a wonderful flow, mystery and adventure, sizzling lemons! Will not disappoint."

-- review by @credoroza

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