May 2, 2011

Guest Review - Eyes, Look Your Last by @EternallyCullen and @LisaDawn75

Edward Masen and Bella Swan are beginning to settle into their new lives and careers together when the unthinkable happens. Can Edward's hazy memories bring them back together and stop him from acting upon instinct?

"This story is a completely different take on Twilight. Edward and Bella are in love and living together when he has a terrible accident. Alice finds him and you can guess what she has to do. Many elements of canon are in this fic but changed to reflect a more grown up B & E(no wolfie triangle!). It's a human love story that takes on new meaning when Edward becomes a vampire. Will he still love Bella? When can he see her without wanting to drink from her? That's where the story is right now so it's a great time to check it out!"

--Review by PBJilly

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