May 24, 2011

Guest Review - Beautiful Sorrow by @ToTheDreaming (review by @IcarusToSun)

Bella worshiped Carlisle, so when he proposed she didn't think twice before accepting. But then she met Edward, her fiancé's half brother & the other part of her soul. Will they be able to survive the consequences of their betrayal?

Pairing: Edward/Bella/Carlisle
Rated: M
Status: WIP

"Very few stories could pull me in with just a handful of chapters as this one did. It's definitely a story for angst lovers. The undefined pain and tragedy is so palpable that it nearly cripples you. I really love it!

The story opens with a terribly broken and damaged Bella, with a deep insinuation of spousal abuse. As a reader, it nearly makes me want to scream at the screen to find out what's holding her to the cage. Would love to see how this turns out and I have feeling, it will be good.

I strongly recommend it."

- review by @IcarusToSun

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