April 1, 2011

WayWords with Rochelle Allison, author of Starry Eyed Inside

Interview by lola-pops

1. Your current WIP, Starry Eyed Inside, is one of my favorite fics, but you’re quite prolific and have many that you’ve completed. Which was your favorite to write, and why?

It would be a toss up between SEI and Volition. I guess those were the two stories I put the most effort, time and energy into, and as a result I’m pretty attached to the characters. I was alwasy dreaming of scenes for each of those fics.

2. You and I have definitely connected through music. How much does music influence what you write?

I used to make up music videos in my head when I’d hear songs. :) So i guess I’ve always put stories to music. Music is so universal, so it’s fun to connect with other people through it. That said, while plenty of songs might inspire me, I don’t listen to it while writing because it’s distracting.

3. Since we’re talking music (and I realize this is a totally impossible question) what’s your all-time favorite go-to album?

Impossible is right. Top 5? Okay. (in no order)
1. Bob Marley ‘Songs of Freedom’ (ha, i cheated! box set!)
2. Dave Matthews - Live at Red Rocks
3. Outkast - Atliens
4. John Mayer - Continuum
5. Miles Davis - Kind of Blue

*it should be noted that i am always in the mood for anything by any of these artists. i have listened to #41 by DMB every few days since i was 15. it never gets old.

4. How much of Starry Eyed Inside was pulled from your life experience? Please know that my fingers are crossed that it is ALL OF IT. ;)

Bits and pieces. The lifestyle presented in the beginning, especially, is pretty reminiscent of my teen years (in St. Croix; not Florida). Certain characters (Edward, Jake, Alice) are modeled after real people and certain moments are real.

5. I want to know about your writing process. When you sit down to write, are there things that you need to have close by? Do you set a mood?

I don’t need anything except for a comfortable place to sit and maybe something to drink. I used to think it helped to have a beer or glass of wine, but then I got pregnant and realized that was bull. ;)

6. Do you use an outline, or do you fly by the seat of your pants?

Fly by the seat of my pants. Although, I usually have very specific ideas about the arc of the story and the important points/character development. SEI is actually the only story I’ve written where I did have a rough draft from a couple of years back.

7. You recently completed Sessions. How would you describe it to someone who hasn’t started reading yet?

Brain vacation; mushy and sweet and romantic. Sometimes, when you find the right person, there’s no drama. It’s possible.

8. What’s your favorite thing about writing fic, and about being part of the Twilight fandom?

I love writing fic because I have an inherent need to write and it feeds that. I love getting feedback from readers and sharing stories with them. Often they share with me, too. i love the sense of community the fandom provides. It’s like a giant bookclub, but with added benefits. We all have so many things in common.

Fun Questions:

Favorite kind of meat?
salmon. and bacon!

DVD case in your house that should be falling apart from so much use?
the Matrix

Sunrise or sunset?
sunrise. it’s more rare because we usually sleep through it.

Cocktail of choice?
pina coladas.

Peas or carrots?

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