March 28, 2011

Edward who? A Team Paul Push

I've been bored with Bella/Edward stories lately and went on the hunt for an unusual pairing. Several days of fic diving later and I've read some AMAZING Paul/Bella stories. They're all complete, so if you're looking for something new to read and don't want to wait around for updates...check these out! They get my "Pusher Seal of Approval". That's not actually a real thing, but I figured it sounded official....on to the recs!

Miror Quaenam Sis Tam Bella by MeraNaamJoker

Paul stops Bella before she can jump off that cliff and ruin her life. Complications ensue.

Sweet Animosity by Julietdarlin

Murder, Werewolves, Vampires, and a man that Bella can not stand to help her through it all. La Push will never be the same.

Silhouettes by D3c0d3x

After Edward & Jacob both leave Bella, she decides to get proactive and go out. She stumbles off stage into the arms of a certain werewolf. Set in New Moon with some changes.

Lap Dog by DTS Guru

Imprint story. Rated for language.

The Hothead and His Imprint by Sabi'sSookie

A hot-headed wolf and a broken girl. The confrontation between Bella and the wolves takes a different turn. Can a vampire-hating werewolf love a vampire-loving human? Even if she's his imprint?

There they are! I would tell you what I like about each one...but I honestly can't remember which is which LOL. I read them all in the span of two or three days and they all kind of blurred together at some point. They were all in my favorites and I can assure you that they are all great fics to check go do it!

Leave me some Paul/Bella or other non-canon pairing recs in the comments :) I'm always looking for new pairings to read.


  1. Be Like Water. The absolute best Paul/Bella that I've read.

    I can't explain how amazing it is. It just is.

  2. Right?? I loved that story so much...I think she's writing a sequel too.

  3. She is. She already has a few chapters posted. Its called Under The Harvest Moon.

  4. Apologies... Closer to God... What was She Doing and What was He Thinking... All by Mrstrentreznor...
    No one writes Paul like MTR

  5. I think I've read Closer to God, not the other two though..thanks for the suggestions!


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