April 7, 2011

One Shot Push

Hey all! I'm so very sorry to all that I've been an absent Wayward. My life took an unexpected turn for the totally busy, and I honestly haven't had much time to read or write. I do occasionally pop in here to see what's what. Now I've taken my entrance exam, and am waiting for word on if I'm beginning the nursing program this fall. Cross your fingers for me please! Now, I've been busy, yes, so my push today is a one shot. I don't think we do a whole lot of them. This is a new one, not for any type of contest, and I thought it was so sweet and funny, I couldn't help but share. I want more, and need your help to convince the author to write another chapter or two about it! AbruptlyChagrined wrote the amazingly cute A Day at Magicland, and I'm super glad she did!

Summary: Poor college student Bella is on the worst date of her life with Mike at Magicland amusement park. On top of that, a creepy costumed character is stalking her around the park. A Semi-sweet, sorta crackfic. AU AH Rated M for a few F-bombs. 

Need I say more? I thank Mrs.TheKing for reccing this on Twitter, and now I pass it on to you ladies. A fast, very fun read that'll leave you feeling good. Go read and leave her some love. I need no fruit or cookie basket this time. Damn diet. I hope to be back soon! Take care ladies!

1 comment:

  1. O...M...G...!
    Thank you SO MUCH for recommending my humble little story.
    I am truly stunned and honered,as I was when MrsTheKing recc'd it on her Twitter page.
    Much credit goes to the fabulous author MadamThang, who took time from her busy RL and writing her own awesome fics to pre-read and beta for me. :-)
    One day I was thinking back on the good times I had at the So. Cal
    amusement parks growing up, and also on a disasterous date I had once with some jerk where we went to Disneyland. That's when the idea for this story was born. I wanted to give people a little smile or a chuckle to brighten their day, and I am so thrilled that people have told me it's done exactly that. Thanks again.


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