April 15, 2011

An Oldie but a Goodie

Bella is a centuries old vampire by the time Twilight happens. She's a dear friend of Carlisle's that hasn't seen him in nearly a century. She has her reasons. Carlisle has lied to Edward about the woman he doesn't remember by never telling him about her or about Edward's own past. What could have happened?

I realize a lot of people are fairly new to the Twilight fanfiction world and I thought I would rec a fic that was completed a while ago....Past & Present by GiveUsAKiss413.

This was one of the first fanfictions I ever read and oh mah gah, I was in heaven from the beginning. Bella as a centuries old vamp?! Unheard of! Lol...at least it was to me at the time. This story is extremely creative and just so awesome! Even though I read it close to two years ago I still remember how much I enjoyed every chapter.

Carlisle and Bella were friends hundreds of years ago and traveled together for awhile. She was with him in Chicago when they met one Edward Masen. Of course, our two favorite characters fall in love but what will happen when Bella is a vampire and Edward isn't? Can they make it? Read to find out!

With the hundreds of fics I've read, I can easily say that this is in my top 20. Right now the author took the story off of Fanfiction.net to do some editing, but it's still on Twilighted...

Do you have an oldie but a goodie fic? Let me know in the comments! I might do more of these types of recs, going back into my archives and seeing what's there :)

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