December 21, 2010

Review - A Wonderful Caricature of Intimacy by Countess of Abe

I'm here today to give you a rec from a DIFFERENT FANDOM. That's right, this review is featuring a Harry Potter fic! More specifically, a Draco/Hermione story aka Dramione O_O

This is the second HP fic I've read and I will admit that I fell in love with this story right away. It's very different from the Twific I've read. For one, it was third person. I usually favor first person but I really enjoyed reading from a different point of view.

The whole style in which Harry Potter fanfiction is written seems very different to me....and me likes! Of course, I've only read two stories so I'm not an expert but the ideas seem to stay really close to the storyline J.K. Rowling created. I've been trying to find out if there is an AH equivalent to the Harry Potter Muggle? I have no idea but if someone knows please enlighten me! I would love to read a story that has no magic, just these wonderful characters I grew up reading about. ;)



A Wonderful Caricature of Intimacy by Countess of Abe

Draco loves his son more than anything in the world. So, when his ex-wife plans to take his son away, Draco asks the most unlikely person for help. Hermione must decide whether changing her entire life is worth helping the man she hates unconditionally.

Rating: M
Status: Complete
Genre: Drama/Romance

At the beginning of this story we find that Draco is being divorced by his wife after she claims to have fallen in love with a man named Angelo. Draco couldn't be happier, the only reason he had married her was because of a drunken night that left them with more than they bargained for.

Newly single Draco Malfoy has enrolled his four-year-old son Zane into The Little Witches and Wizards Early Education Centre....little does he know that his childhood rival Hermione Granger will be Zane's teacher! *cue dramatic music*

Everything is okay for awhile; Hermione and Draco bicker, Zane meets his cousin Wolf Lupin at school and they become the best of friends...but something goes wrong.

Draco is informed by a friend in the ministry that Pansy is now requesting for full custody of her son. She had never posed any interest in Zane while they were married and now she wants to take away Draco's reason for living. The only way he stands a chance of keeping his son is getting married. The only problem is that he has three weeks to find a wife.

I think you see where this is going....*winks*

Draco ends up asking Hermione to help him and offers her money to help keep her struggling education center afloat. She accepts.

The real question now is...will this arrangement stay professional or will their true feelings intervene?


I'm a total sucker for fics with Edward as a single dad and it seems this obsession transcends fandoms. Draco and Zane are precious together! You would think that Draco as a father would be a bit of a stretch but this author nailed it. I also can't resist a good Dramione pairing...I always wanted them to be together in the movies *sigh* I would die if Tom Felton and Emma Watson were together....I'm getting distracted now...

Overall it's a really cute idea for a story and the writing is fantastic. If you're looking to branch out into other fandoms, A Wonderful Caricature of Intimacy would be a great start! Go check it out :)


By the way...did you notice that awesome banner? All the HP banners I've seen are so different from the Twilight ones. They're usually in the shape of the one above....I'm very intrigued! I might start making some stuff like that...okay, really, I'm done now. Until next time....

No, wait! One more thing. Let me know if you like seeing recs from different fandoms, it was fun changing it up a bit and I'd be happy to do some more....

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