December 8, 2010

Review: Forget Me Not by LiveInDakota

*waves* Hello, everyone! The Thanksgiving holidays are over and I'm finally getting back into my groove...too bad finals are coming up eh? I've got an amazing fic for you guys to check out....

Forget Me Not by LiveInDakota

"Bella is left to tutor Edward when he loses his memory. Can she put behind all the memories for the boy who no longer even recognises her? Some memories are meant to overcome the sense of time, can Edward regain who he once was?"

This fic.....kills me, owns me, pwns name it, it does it to me.

Edward and Bella met each other in New York over the summer. They fell in love but had to return home once the school year started. They promised to keep in touch but for some reason Edward does not keep his promise. Bella is heartbroken....

Fast forward a few months and Bella is asked to tutor a new kid at walks Edward Cullen who DOESN'T REMEMBER HER. Turns out Edward was in a car crash and lost his short term memory...aka his memory of his summer in New York. *sad panda*

This story is just...gah...heartbreaking and exciting and *insert smart-sounding adjective*.

It alternates between Edward and Bella's points of view and the different perspectives are fascinating to read. On one side you have Bella who has just reunited with the love of her life and is devastated because he can't remember her. Then you switch over to Edward who is so confused about these strong feelings he has for a girl he just met. And there's that whole "he can't remember shit"...that sucks too.

Keep in mind that the Cullen family won't tell Edward anything about what happened. They weren't in New York with him and the doctors have said that Edward needs to remember things on his own. As you read he does regain vague memories but for the most part he is very much in the dark. Every chapter was entertaining and kept me wanting more. I'm actually kinda bummed that I'm all caught up.

I've never read a fic like this and I'm loving that I don't know what's going to happen at each turn. If I haven't already convinced you.....GO READ IT NAO (please).

Rob approves!

You can follow LiveInDakota on the twittah.

That's all I have for you today, pushees. I hope that you consider trying this fic out, you won't regret it!

Until next time...

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