December 9, 2010

Another one from Lea

I just finished reading the 12 chapters posted and "ran" here to tell you about it.

The story is Reinvention of Hope and it's written by phoenixhunter47 (@phoenixhunter47)
When her marriage falls apart, Bella returns home to Texas. With the help of her father and friends, can she find herself and hope again? AH

Welcome to Masen, Texas. To fireflies, peach cobbler and the small town diner. Makes me want to move, and I thought I was a big town gal. The gang are all there and the southern hospitality makes me all warm. It's slow going but it is an E/B story. Bella is so strong but also broken, and her friends are her rocks. Read as she picks up her life and becomes happy. I must also add that reading Charlie's POV is just WIN.

As always let the author know we sent you. ;)
Peace out, Lea 

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