December 15, 2010

Review - Cotton Creek by rtgirl

Cotton Creek by rtgirl
Bella is a travel nurse who moves every six months. Edward is a music teacher in a small southern town who gave up his Nashville dreams to return home. She never knew what a home was…until he gave her one. Fun/Fluff/Romance/No angst. Some citrus.

Like the summary says, Cotton Creek tells the story of travel nurse Bella Swan moving guessed it...Cotton Creek, Alabama! Her contract in CC is only six months so she ends up renting a house from her boss, Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his wife Esme. One morning she's woken up by someone fixing up her lawn...yeah, you see where this is going! It's a shirtless Edward that says ma'am, so from now on we will call him BAMAWARD...he's a Southern gentleman and a hot musician to boot!

Oh yeah...and he calls Esme Mama....MAMA!!!! *swoons*

This fic is the perfect story to check out if you're looking for some fluff, it's Sweetward to the this quote:

Another thing that I know to be true is that I am in love with her. Completely, totally, full-on, can't even help myself, in love with her. I am done. There will be no one else for me. She is my baby girl and she will be for as long as she'll have me.

I don't know if I'm looking in the wrong places, but I've yet to find a Southern guy like this *grumbles*

Not only is he super sweet, but Bamaward seriously cracks me up with beat sense of humor:


I turned around to question him when he quickly pulled me into his lap.

"What does that mean? Amen?"

"Well, I thought it would be a good thing to go ahead and say a prayer, thankin' the Lord because that is the best little sin wagon I have ever seen!" he said, squeezing my ass.

Bella is very much a loner before she meets the Cullens and it's really heartwarming to see them accept her as part of the family. She's used to picking up and leaving places and didn't grow up with a kickass family like the Cullen clan; I can relate to Bella SO much, I think that's why I enjoy reading this story as much as I do.

Esme is a sweetheart and the mama Bella always needed!

Shoot no. He's havin' a come apart is what he's doin'. I thought he was just over reacting and buggin' the stew out of me, but I can see that he had reason to. What you need is some good old fashioned Mama lovin' and I'm just the woman who's gonna give it to you.
The small town atmosphere and Southern hospitality is so refreshing to read. If you're looking for a really cute story and no angst....give Cotton Creek a try.....NOW!!!

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