December 13, 2010

Review: The Best Man by Bratty-Vamp


Hey there everyone! Yet another newbie here, typing up my first review. I have to say, I'm pretty darn excited to tell you guys about this story. For real, this is a must read for all fanfic lovers out there.

The Best Man by Bratty-Vamp

Bella and Jasper have been best friends for their entire lives. The story begins with Bella arriving home in Forks for the last two weeks of summer vacation at Jasper's request. We're soon introduced to Jasper's older brother, and Bella's childhood crush, Edward.

Jasper has asked his girlfriend, Alice, to marry him. He's having a hard time deciding who should be his best man. Naturally, it should be big bro Edward. Right? Apparently not, because he's considering Bella as well. We all know she's not a man, but it's the 21st century; the girl can be a best man if she wants to be. Jasper comes up with the bright idea of having a competition for the title; a “bachelor party extravaganza”, he calls it.

"Over the next ten days… you will each be asked to plan one day time event, one night out, and one epic adventure. We'll go out and do the things that you have planned. And I'll have my judges determine the winner from each round!"

We have basketball, we have paintball, we have body shots. This story is chapter after chapter of flirtatious fun as Edward and Bella fight the insanely obvious sexual tension between them. You'll laugh out loud, you'll cry your eyes out, and your heart will swell as Bella shares her childhood memories of Jasper and Edward.

Now, I feel the strong urge to tell you: this story needs a major heartfail warning. I won't tell you who, what, when, where, why...just know you'll be staring at your screen in a stunned silence. But it's good. No, scratch that. It's ah-mazing and so worth it. This story is just...gah, I can't even think of a suitable word to describe it. It's awesome, okay?

Run, do not walk, to The Best Man. You'll thank me after you finish off that box of Kleenex.

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  1. Oh man, I cried like a little girl at the end of this fic. The fan vid is so awesome, too!


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