December 11, 2010

Review - The Alpha's Imprint by Dorme99

I'm daring to venture in to the pushing unknown and push a Bella and Jacob fanfiction *gasp*
Yes that's right I may stand alone here *stands tall* but I am a wolf girl and Jacob and Bella lover...sorry :D

I'm another new girl...who hardly has a clue what I'm doing but here we go.

I found this fiction as the author is a very loyal reader of my own fic. 

The Alpha's Imprint by Dome99

Rated: T
Summary: "From the first moment Bella and Jacob came in contact with each other there was never a choice. They were destined to be together forever. But is Bella really strong enough to fight in a battle between Vampire and Werewolf?"

Jacob was Bella's imprint from the first moment they met as children. This fiction tells the story of their lives together, falling in love, facing new enemies and taking an original take on Edward and the Cullen family. Introducing a new member of the Cullen family Chase, Edwards son.
It takes you on a whole new journey through Bella's life as a wolf girl, hounded by lust driven vampires, whilst being strong and feisty as the alpha's imprint.

It's fresh take on twilight from the very start, full of imprints, twists and imaginative new characters. It's well written chapters draw you in and just when you think you know whats going to happen, a whole new spin in the story begins and you're captivated again.

Come on...You know you wanna...just come to the dark side

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