November 15, 2010

Waywords with Kiva Johns-Adkins (TwittahMom)

shadowedbypassion, author of Falling Away with You, interviews the interviewer. She took her turn in the interviewer's seat and sat down with me, Kiva Johns Adkins (TwittahMom) and we talked about lots of things, including my version of the Twi Saga from EPOV: Continuation of Midnight Sun, Black Moon and Shroud.
SbP--What was your motivation to finish “Midnight Sun?”

Kiva-- I am a control freak and I could not stand that Midnight Sun was out there and would probably never be written. I know a lot of people hold out hope that it will, but not me. I knew, at that point, SM had moved on and Edward’s story would never be told and, to me, I was more interested in his story.

SbP--Being inside the mind of Edward, what is that like?

Kiva-- It is a very comfortable place to be (although it has been difficult to get in tune with him for the last few weeks). It’s not so much me getting in his mind as he gets in mine. I don’t hear voices, but he speaks to me. I have the Saga as a guide but I really have no plans ahead of time what Edward will do or say. He talks. I type. I know so many people relate to Bella because she is “neutral” enough to be everyone but I have always related more to Edward and his inner turmoil at not feeling like he is good enough for her.

SbP--I know you have said that you never intended to write the rest of the saga in Edward’s point of view, what was your reasoning to continue?

Kiva--Again, control freak. New Moon was my least favorite book but that’s because there was very little Edward but I knew that the pain he went through was as great, or greater than Bella went through and I needed people to see his pain, to understand him. A lot of people were angry at him for leaving her or felt more sorry for her. I wanted them to feel Edward’s pain. Then Eclipse, well, it’s my favorite book so I had to keep going and Breaking Dawn is a no-brainer.

SbP--In Black Moon (EPOV of New Moon), you recreated all of Edward’s journeys—there was not a lot that SM gave to us to know what he was doing, yet you used it all so well. The ideas that you had and used, how did you come up with them?

Kiva--There is actually quite a bit of information on Twilight Lexicon, which is my go-to resource. They had personal correspondence with SM and timelines for when he left and reunited with Bella. And she had insight into what he did, although I did stray a bit. I am committed to sticking to SM canon but I think she got some things wrong (I hope that doesn’t sound arrogant). She had Edward going South before Texas, Mexico and Rio and I didn’t buy it. I live in the south. It is too sunny and crowded for Edward and not enough hunting opportunities, so I took him through the west, going back to check on Bella and pick up Victoria’s scent from the baseball field. Then I plotted a time-line, knowing the end and the beginning and a call home at Christmas. I filled in the blanks and plotted his course. Then I researched the places he was at, down to mapquest, climate, wildlife and plant growth. I wanted him to stay at The Venetian in Vegas because I want to stay there so bad. I was pleased to learn there was a Bella Suite at the hotel. So of course, he stayed there. Also, SM indicated Edward spent much of his time in barns and attics and I didn’t buy that. Edward had money and he would want to look like a degenerate, so I had times he stayed in hotels or motels. Taking him through New Mexico and Arizona took him to the Kiva ruins and I had to opportunize on that. Since Kiva’s were about spirits and ancestors I thought it would be a great time for all the women in his life to talk to him, to guide him on the right path.

SbP--What gets you in the mood to write?

Kiva--I wake up. That really is all I do. I write, I beta and occasionally read.

SbP--Is it difficult to stick to SM’s story? Do you ever want to sway from her story line?

Kiva--It is. I think that is my problem now. He is up Bella’s ass in this story so I have so little time to have him do his own thing. Black Moon wasn’t because I followed her outline persay but it was my story.

SbP--What would you change or add if anything to the original story?

Kiva--I would have made it EPOV.

SbP--Are there any Fan Fiction stories that you cannot live without?

Kiva-- I honestly have very little time to read so it is not a reflection on all of those I want to read but right now, MoTU, EP, Visions of our Destiny, Still of the Night, From the Darkness Comes Light and many more on my list.

SbP--What suggestions or words of advice would you give to upcoming writers?

Kiva--Write from your heart. Don’t force anything but never give up on a story. Sometimes you need a break. Sometimes they need a break. You can always go back. Don’t listen to the haters because, no matter how big you get, there will be haters.

SbP--What do you like to do when you are not writing?


SbP--Is there anyone who has been an encouragement to you during your writing process?

Kiva--First and foremost my beta, ForksPixie. I could not do this without her. She has been with me since the beginning. The Saga in EPOV is as much her story as it is mine and if I didn’t have her, I wouldn’t continue. She knows me. She knows my characters and she knows canon.

SbP--What do you prefer more—Writing or Betaing?

Kiva--Writing. Betaing is exhausting work and I have so much appreciation for what my Pix does for me.


SbP--What do you do for a living?

Kiva--Print half-truths and lies and call it the news

SbP--When you were five, what did you want to grow up to be?

Kiva--Five was not a good age, so let’s go with ten – I wanted to be a writer.

SbP--What is your favorite TV show?

Kiva--Of All-Time, The X-Files. Right now, Dancing With The Stars

SbP--If you could have one wish granted, what would it be?

Kiva--To be independently wealthy. Then I could leave my world and go where I have always wanted to go – to countries like Sudan and Rhwanda and tell their stories to the world.

SbP--What is your favorite movie?


SbP--Favorite color?


SbP--How do you function on so little sleep?

Kiva--It is beyond me because I would love to get more sleep

SbP--What is your all time favorite Fan Fic story?


SbP--What is your all time favorite published book?

Kiva--The Outsiders

SbP—Are there any authors that you look up to and respect?

Kiva--Nope - not individually. Each writer is different and has to find their own path.

SbP--Do you have any role models? And if so, whom?

Kiva--Role Models? No. My parents were, but they are gone and I am a stage in my life where I guess I need to be the role model

SbP--Just recently you did an interview with Lee MacDougall, friend of Rob Pattinson, what was that like?

Kiva-- Fantastic and yummy. I love listening to a BritBoy, especially when he tells me my accent is amazing and exotic. Plus I learned a few things.


1. Peas or Carrots? Peas

2. Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla

3. Summer or winter? Spring

4. Black or white? Brown

5. Favorite restaurant? Carraba’s

6. If your life was a tv show, what would it be and why? Roseanne and it’s pretty obvious

7. Favorite drink? Non-alcoholic, Coke with a lemon; alcoholic – pineapple upside down cake

8. Guilty pleasure? naps

9. Favorite sport to watch? Nascar

10. What is the one thing you absolutely, positively cannot live without? My laptop

11. Do you have a tattoo? Yes, an ankle bracelet made out of the celtic trinity. The “charms” are a shamrock as a nod to my Irish heritage, a pink breast cancer ribbon to honor my mom, an apple for Twilight (and because I was a teacher) and I just got the Columbine Flower attached because that is the state flower of Colorado, where I am from.

12. Favorite cartoon? Scooby-Doo

13. Strangest thing you have ever eaten? I am not a risk taker, so let’s go with tofu.

14. If you could have sexual relations with anyone who would it be? (besides Robert Pattinson) Does Rob have a cousin?

15. Boxers or Briefs? Boxers

16. Left or right? Right


  1. I love all of your responses. I see a lot of me in you.


  2. Thank you for the Love, doll! I love you, too!

    This was an awesome interview... you did great!!



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