November 6, 2010

Squeeze My Lemon at Dirty Cheeky Monkeys

Let's face it, one of the major reasons we read or write fanfiction, is the lemon. We love that juicy goodness from the soft sensual kiss that leaves us breathless to the roaming fingers that find wetness in the most desired spots leaving us begging for more more more.

But we sometimes get lost in the story and the lemon can be hard to focus on. Not all of us can write entire chapters that are lemons *coughs-hunter-coughs*. So we have come up with a solution, Squeeze My Lemon.

This is a lemon writing exercise that is picture prompted. The weekly posting is an outlet to work on those skills. A writer just needs to contact us to secure a date in which their OS will be posted. They can select their own picture from our blog or bring one of their own to the table.

On 'hump day' we will be posting these lovely lemons for everyone to read (also a little something to help you get through the week). Most authors have asked if they are allowed to post the OS to their author page and they may do so, after we have posted on ours. The OS will also appear on TWCS under Dirty Cheeky Monkeys.

The OS will be teased on and on twitter.

We encourage you to write and submit entries, as well as read and review those posted. So stretch those lemon muscles, squeeze our lemon and give us the juices.

Minimum Word Count: 2,000
Maximum: How ever you want to wow us
Subject: Pretty much whatever you want, canon, slash, polyslash, self-pleasure, lemon juice, lemon wedges ~ ~ a prompt will be provided to get you, um, going
Exclusions: No rape, pedofilia, incest, necrophilia (not including vampires) or beastality
Submissions must be beta'd

For additional questions, feel free to contact us,

Sounds like an awesome opportunity, no? Follow them on twitter, too. @DirtyCMs

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