November 2, 2010


The Story:Stay Golden
The Author: GiveUsAKiss413
The Pairing: Bella/Edward
The Genre: Romance
The Rating: M

The Summary:
***WINNER*** SIMPLY THE BEST ONE-SHOT 2010. Hosted by TwiFicOne. Happy. Edward, Bella. "Mom, Mom I've met someone. Her." She's not free. He's counting on it. She's golden sunshine perfect, splayed out on his pillows. Lemony.

The Review:
1301 Total Votes have been cast and this one shot came out on top. It’s sweet, mysterious, spunky, and sexy all wrapped up together in one amazing story. GiveUsAKiss413 has really captured that first glance, that first spark, between two people so beautifully.

She's married.

I can tell. It's the way she won't meet my eyes, it's that look away blush.

It only makes sense that she is. She's young, but not young enough not to be married. She's got to be, unless she's a lesbian, or a feminist, or a career girl.

And that blush? She doesn't like pussy. And that skirt? She's not about to bust my balls.

And she's dressed nice, but not junior executive nice. Too much jewelry, no blackberry out.

She's fidgeting, just squirming around-she's itchy ants in her pants nervous. She wants it.

I bet she's a little bit wet, and all I'm doing is staring at her.

She's a good girl. Avoids my gaze. Doesn't smirk. There's no way she'd accept a drink if I sent a waitress over.

Besides, this is my favorite bar. I'm here a lot. The waitress would probably warn her.

Fucking tattletales.

I like her brown hair. There's no shit in it. No highlights, lowlights, added volume. It doesn't look crunchy.

I bet she let it dry in the sun.

I can see her, head tipped back, eyes closed, resting on some porch swing, leaning over, hair fanned out, sun hitting her. Then she's on my bed, eyes closed, legs open, hair fanned out. I'd leave the lights on. She'd like that. I can tell, because I can see a tiny bit of tit peaking out of her dress.

It's pretty, soft, the beginning of round.

She's the type to lotion up. I'd taste it on my tongue.

She's squirming harder, that blushing bride. She knows I'm thinking about her.

I tip my drink at her, and laugh when she looks away.

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