October 25, 2010

WayWords with @nanas_mommy, author of Falling Away with You

Note: RL got in the way this week and I was lucky enough to be able to give you the reader-requested interview with nanas_mommy by SparklingWand. Next week will feature an interview with dont_run, author of The Homecoming.

SparklingWand, author of Don't Take The Girl interviews authors on her blog as well. Since I had just interviewed her for Peas and Carrots and WaywardPushers she shared her recent interview with nanas_mommy, author of Falling Away with You. Readers had requested an interview with NM and SparklingWand did a fantastic interview. A few things have been added that are specific to P & C and WP. Enjoy.

SW: What inspired you to first write this story?

NM: Extreme stress to say the least. I was laying in bed just like I had Bella in the first chapter of FAWY contemplating life and death. What was worth and not worth. I decided to pick up my laptop and write.

Read more here!

SW: How did you come up with your title?

NM: Falling Away with You is a song by Muse. I was freaking out about getting a title and I was listening to some music while writing and I listened, really listened to the words and it fit with the feel of the fic.

SW: Do you have a specific writing style?

NM:No, not really. I am not a writer, in my opinion. I write when I am happy, sad, stressed, of just when the mood arises. If and when I get writers block I skip ahead and fill in the blanks so I can attempt to get somewhere.

SW: How do you find time to write?

NM: HA! Easy, I have no life! No really, I am an insomniac, so I tend to not sleep and instead of letting my mind wander, I write.

SW: Do you have any interesting writing quirks or habits to get you in the mood?

NM: Well I don’t think so, not outside of writing drunk when I write any one of the characters drunk. It helps me to get in to their mind.

SW: What do you like to do when you are not writing?

NM: Professionally, I work in excess. I pray for the day that I can quit and be a stay at home mom.
Personally, I play with my baby girl, read, clean… act the house wife part

SW: What do you think makes a good story?

NM: I feel that a story that comes from inside makes the best story. Something that you have lived through, experienced, or are passionate about.

SW: Do you have a writing team (i.e. betas, proofreaders, pre-readers, etc.)? If so, how do they assist you with your work?

NM: I had a wonderful beta that just recently had to quit all of her beta jobs due to her real life outside of the fan fic world. I am back to having a friend that is a publish author (who beta’ed chaps 1-4 for me) doing my beta work in the interim. I also have a pre-reader who is beyond wonderful. ACRCullen (@DiaryofFFAddict) She is the reason why I even posted this fic to begin with.

SW: Is there anyone who has been an encouragement to you during your writing process?

NM: My pre-reader is wonderful. She keeps me going. She lets me bounce all of my ideas off of her. When I am having trouble deciding the way I want something to go, she helps me get past the problem.

SW: Are there any fanfiction authors that have been an inspiration to you? If so, who are they and why?

NM: Well I am relatively new to the whole fan fic world (the twilight world too). I would have to say that Hunterhunting has been an inspiration. She has written some awesome fics. Also Angstgoddess003. Lastly, The Romanticidal Edwardian. She wrote A World without Sound, and I found that to be a completely awesome fic.

SW: Are there any professional authors that have been an inspiration to you? If so, who are they and why?

NM: I adore Mitch Albom and every book that he writes! They all hit home. They carry profound meaning that I love.
And then of course, Stephanie Meyer, because without her, there would be no Edward.

SW: Is there a specific message you want your readers to obtain from your story?

NM: Life isn’t perfect. We fail as humans and all we can do is try and fight our way back to making it right. It doesn’t always happen as we would wish. It isn’t all about love, and that desired relationship. Life if just that, life and I want my readers to see that it all falls in to place, even when we don’t think it will

SW: What do you think is the hardest part about writing your story?

NM: Trying not to get overly personal, too involved and remembering that it’s just a story

SW: Are there any best practices you would like to share?

NM: Yeah… nope. Like I said I am not a writer. I don’t have good practices. I just write and write and delete a lot.

SW: What suggestions or words of advice would you give to upcoming writers?

NM: Write what makes you happy, how it makes you happy. Don’t write to please anyone but yourself. Find joy in what you do and you will succeed.

Kiva: How do you feel about the world of fan fiction and have you been overwhelmed by the response to your fic? You are a hit.

NM: Honestly, I cant believe anyone reads anything I write for starters. I can't believe that people enjoy it as much as they do. As for the world of fan fiction, I love it. It has given me a place to find some awesome people, and find a place to write out a lot of personal issues.

Kiva: When you do plan to finish FAWY?

NM: I plan to have the writing done by the end of October and then I will continue weekly posts until all the chapters are up.

Kiva: Is there a writer out there in the fandom that inspires you to write and keeps you going and why?

NM: I can't say there is one in particular, but seeing so many people put them selves out there that have no English degree, or a back ground in writing, just an idea that came to them inspires me. I hadn't wrote a single word on paper in ten years. It is amazing how much of the fandom is like that. It's awesome!

Kiva: what advice do you have to women like you who juggle careers and toddlers and stories that just won't go away?

NM: Don't sleep and drug your kids. (not really) Prioritize. Don't lose sight in what is important. I have outlined my next fic sitting at my desk at work on hold. I fit it in when possible. Between laundry and having to sing the kid another song before bed, you just find time. I write when the kid is content with a movie, or napping. i do whatever works, but i try to write ahead when the free time is there, so if i have no time for a week or two, my readers dont have to wait.

SW: Tell us a little bit about yourself:

NM: Well I am a mother of two, wife of one, ex of another and have a life that will lead me nowhere. I work at a cancer hospital in my spare time in an office. Hopefully someday once my husband finishes school I can quit and be a full time house wife. As soon as I finish FAWY I am going to be starting a new fic, with a tentative name of Never Know what You Got.

SW: As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

NM: I wanted to be a nurse. I have always wanted more than anything to help people.

SW: What is your favorite song?

NM: Hmmm I don’t really have one. I tend to listen to a group of songs on repeat because they make me smile.

SW: What is your favorite movie?

NM: Sad enough to say… Speed I was like twelve when it came out and I memorized the WHOLE movie front to back. I had such a crush on Keanu Reeves.

SW: Who is your favorite male movie star?

NM: Well besides Keanu(wink), and of course Rob, I would have to say… (drum roll) Chatum Tanning, because he is pretty ugh… fit.

SW: Who is your favorite female movie star?

NM: Female… woman…. Errr…. Ugh… yeah don’t got one. I am all about the males =D

SW: What is your favorite book?

NM: The Shack is an amazing book. My dad recommended it to me. It involves the existence of God. Now I am FAR from a church going person, but the meaning and point is there with or without the involvement of God. And then also anything by Mitch Albom.

SW: What is your favorite food?

NM: Pizza… Chicago style pizza. Food is a HUGE part of my fic, mostly because Chicago food is awesome.

SW: What is your favorite TV show?

NM: NCIS! It’s like heaven to me. Plus Tony is hot as hell.

SW: What is the one fanfic you drop everything to read?

NM: Currently it is MOTU. Because I keep dropping writing my fic to read it….

SW: What is your favorite complete fanfic?

NM: Well that is a tie between some of the greats… Clipped Wings & Inked Armor, Wide Awake, How to Save a Life and Don’t Take the Girl. (yep its one of my faves!)

SW: Are you currently reading any published books?

NM: Nope. No time, Plus I don’t want to buy any I’d rather read some free smut books from FFn.

SW: Do you have any hobbies or activities you enjoy doing outside of writing?

NM: Reading, shopping, playing with my daughter.

SW: If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would that be?

NM: My mother. Yep I am simple.

SW: If you were to be granted one wish in the world, any wish, what would you ask for?

NM: For my child to never have to suffer. I am first and for most a mom.

Just for Fun:

  • Peas or Carrots? peas... I like small balls
  • Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla... really I hate chocolate unless it is in a martini
  • If your life was a tv show, what would it be and why? The young and the restless.... DO i need to give a reason as to why? =D
  • Favorite drink? Water... or Vodka
  • Guilty pleasure? I dont really have any... At least none that make me feel guilty.
  • Favorite sport to watch? football... the players have nice asses in those outfits....
  • What is the one thing you absolutely, positively cannot live without? my blackberry
  • Do you have a tattoo? If so, where and what is it? yes 3... top to bottom.... First is a butterfly with a star trail on my left shoulder second is a heart and flower with my kiddies names in it. it is the middle lower part of my back... the last is a small heart with a rose. The stem goes thru the heart and it is on my right ass cheek =D
  • Favorite cartoon? Tom and Jerry
  • Strangest thing you have ever eaten? I was a kid... and it was a vanilla dog cookie... I kid u not... it tasted like a Nilla wafer...

Here are a couple of questions I wanted to toss in for nanas_mommy because there is so much to her that the fandom should know:

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