October 24, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Rason

Do any of the above images tickle your fancy or look familiar? That may be because they are done by the fabulous darling Rason. She is a member of many different sites as well as an author herself.
She can be found in our Designer Directory for the following jobs:
- Banners
- Blinkies
- Buttons
- Manips

    The posted images are just a small touch of what she can do. Check out the links to her portfolios on our designer directory!

    You can follow her on twitter be sure to send her love!

    If you do decide to use MsRason for your pretteh purposes, dont forget to tell her who sent you!

    xoxoxoxox *licks*


    1. Hello! Can you send me a link to the first story listed....I cant seem to locate the correct one of ffn....

      Serene Eccentric-Shadow

    2. What program do you use to make blinkies?

    3. Serene Eccentric-Shadow: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5987979/1/Light_Of_The_Morning

      Amanda: I think she uses Photoshop, but you can ask her on twitter @MsRason :)


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