October 15, 2010

Review: Countdown to Halloween II

The Story: Countdown to Halloween II One Haunted Hallows Eve

The Author: Multiple/Anonymous

The Status:

The Rating: M

The Summary: A one shot each day, by a different author, with your fav characters. All lemony and spookish and geared to get your month of October off to a good start each day. Followed by one massive fic- written by 31 authors...

The Review:
In the spirit of the approaching holiday, I decided to check this collaboration out. The prompt was that a ghost had to be part of the story.

Do you like to trick or treat? That is what I liken this to. Instead of going house to house dressed up in your best costume & begging for something yummy, you just have to open your computer each day. So far, most have been very sweet and a couple made me teary-eyed. One even gave me goosebumps and scared the bejeesus out of me! Never fear my little pumpkins, there are lots of lemon-tastic goodies to be had.

On Halloween, a story that has been concocted by all the participants will be done brewing and served to all the guests. To cap off the party, the authors will be unmasked. Meanwhile, figuring out which writer is which is a bit like finding your way through a corn maze. Good luck!

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