October 12, 2010

REVIEW: Life After You by: Bellabee66

Life After You by: Bellabee66

The Story:Life After You
The Author: Bellabee66
The Pairing: Bella/Edward
The Genre: Angst/Romance
The Rating: M

The Summary:
A/H One-Shot: Bella & Edward have been together for almost 2years. One night in a heated argument he leaves. On a path to self destruction Edwards begins to hear Bella's voice. What does he discover when her voice compels him to returns 5 months later?

The Review:
I’m self pimping today so instead of me reviewing my own one-shot I decided to post a few of the reviews from my readers. I hope you enjoy!

“This was so amazing. I don’t know where to start in this. I absolutely love the human factor. It makes Edward vulnerable and that’s not something you see often. This is definitely going on my favorites list.” ~stephen741

“This was an amazing one shot. I went through the gauntlet of emotions. It was just incredible to find that when it comes to a one shot you are brilliant doll.” ~ Jessy-Ann

"Emmett, I can't."

Abruptly he stands up, knocking the stool over in the process. He towers over me as venom coats his voice. "Why can't you get your head out of your ass? Admit you made a mistake. You can't live without her, and you know it. You think she's better off without you? Go see for yourself, you little chicken shit. I know what you're searching for. You're seeking something to fill that massive hole in your chest. Well, I've got news for you, little brother. You won't find it at the bottom of that glass!"

Placing both hands on the bar, he shakes his head in disgust. "By the way, change clothes. I'm sick of seeing your stinky ass in that outfit!"
With that said, he turns and swiftly storms out the door. Dropping my heavy head, I feel defeat roll over my body. I pick up one more shot, slam it back, grab my beer and walk to the men's room. Pulling my hand out of my pocket, I stare at the tiny white pills in my palm.

I reach over and latch the lock on the door of this nasty excuse of a bathroom. Here I stand with pills in my right hand, and a beer in my left. Breathing gently, I sigh. "Bella, life's not worth living if I have to live it with out you." Slowly, I raise my shaky hand and part my lips, ready to give up.

"Edward." Her voice rings in my ears. Bella?

Skipping a beat, my heart registers her voice. Jerking my head upright, I look around. The fog that had clouded my mind began to evaporate, and I inhale sharply. I sling the medication into the toilet, flushing it immediately.

I rush over to the sink and splash cold water on my face. I detect another whisper in the distance. I glanced into the mirror above the sink. Looking directly into my own eyes, I verbally ask myself, 'Who are you?' I didn't even recognize the man staring back at me.

Shaking my head, I try to clear my thoughts. I lean over and wipe my face on a rough brown paper towel. As I lift my head, my eyes widen, staring into the reflection before me. Bella, beautiful as ever, is standing just over my right shoulder.

She holds my gaze with her eyes and softy whispers, "Edward, I need you."
Instantly, I spin on my heels reaching, for her, but she's gone. However, I can still hear her voice echoing in my mind. I flinch slightly as the lights flicker and thunder cracks in the distance.

Panic sets in as I grab my phone, fearfully dialing her home number. Damn…the answering machine. Breathing deeply, I leave a message. "Bella…It's me. Uh..Hum… I'd like to talk to you, if it's okay. Please call me."

“I love the song that inspired you and I loved the story...I really liked how you wrote the argument between Bella and Edward...I felt so bad for Bella...Edward seemed so insecure but I loved the ending...when I read five months later I was hoping that she was pregnant. I really enjoyed the story and whatever you write I will totally read :D ~Sumire86

Well what are you waiting for? Go now. Read!

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