October 10, 2010

I Have A Secret I Want To Share

I'm reading a fic that I don't know why I haven't read earlier, it's realistic, it's gut wrenching, it's what actually often happens in marriages. (I think, I've never been married.) You've been married for years, you have kids, you have a career, a house to clean and laundry to do... and you have a husband... one of those things is harder to feel than the others.

I feel his heart beating; its pace is increasing slightly. His skin feels soft and warm, and my hand recognizes the sensation from caressing the kids. It's the feeling of touching another human being. I let my hand wander further down, my eyes still closed. His chest hair tickles me softly inside of my palm, and I feel his nipple harden as I stroke his chest. This reaction startles me, and I quickly take my hand off him.

Bella, who has been married to Edward for a few years, finds herself being someone she doesn't want to be. She wants this to change and takes a journey within herself to find the girl she used to be and the love she used to feel for Edward.

You can find her on twitter too @SwedenSara

Now go read it and ask for her forgiveness you haven't read it earlier... I know I will. ;)

xoxo Lea


  1. Yes! I read it this week and I thought it was awesome! I don't know how SwedenSara has stayed under the radar so long, but I think that's about to change!

    And after you read The Secret Changes Within Bella Swan - go directly to Smutiversity! It's hilarious and full of some really well written lemons!

  2. That sounds good... will check it out. Thanks!


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