August 31, 2010

A Tale of Two Vampwards

Hello pushees, it's Wayward Girl again! Minimize that AH story you're reading cause I've got two Vampward stories that will knock your socks off...and yes, I did just say "knock your socks off".

*rolls eyes at self* Here are the pushes:

Eclipsed Heart by Buff82
Bella moves to Forks and prepares to spend her remaining high school years in the small rain covered town. When tragedy strikes she is sent back to her mother. Two years later she returns and a chance encounter with Edward Cullen changes everything.

This is a Twilight AU storyline that I've never read before and I love it! Bella goes to Forks her Junior year but Charlie dies a few weeks later so she never really gets to interact with Edward until she comes back to town two years later. If you're looking for some sweet and schmexy Vampward, check this little guy out!

Taste of Innocence by Nolebucgrl
Edward Cullen longs to taste the blood of an innocent. He meets Bella Swan. Will desire for her override desire for her blood, or will he take both?

I don't think I've ever read a Bella this stubborn, and that's saying a lot *snickers*. Bella is always watching vampire shows for "research" which cracks me up. There have been similar stories to this one, but I feel like it has it's own little twist. Bella also has a pet cow named Willow...need I say more?

That's what I got for ya today...let me know if you like and make sure to leave the authors some love! I know they'll appreciate it.

Have you already read one or both of the stories? What did you think about them? Let me know in the comments :)

Until next time *licks* <---That one is for you, Rach. *winks*

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