August 27, 2010

Can't Come Up With Something Witty Push

TGIF? Sure is!

phoenixfan1 is doing an alternate B/E story... What if Breaking Dawn never happened?
Who Says You Can't Have It All
Edward can't stand that Bella has to sacrifice so much to marry him and become a vampire. He is determined to find a way to give her everything she never knew she always wanted. AU/OOC/canon pairings. Rated M for language and lemons.

Author push?

Lalina (On Twitter) I have read all of her stories, I started with Sacrificial Lamb and moved on to the sequel The Lion and The Jackal. I am now reading her WIP Let's Get Physical. (TrainerWard YA) Read anything of hers you will not be disappointed.

As always let the author know we sent ya! Have a good weekend. ;)

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