July 6, 2010

Just a few things. Thank yous and other biznasssss

Don't worry, the pushes shall continue, life is just insane right now. RIGHT! Anyways, onto other things. I have some people to thank and I best get that done. FIRST of all, for helping me out with this beautiful effing site, I need to thank thewaywardgirl like NO ONES business. To be able to put up with my bullshit that I'm constantly throwing at her (especially when shes supposed to be reading 1984) and still be so sweet, and do such a great job, she rocks my damn world!

If you would like her to do your blog, all you have to do is fill out this form
Blog Design Application
And she could be at your bidding also! Seriously though. I fucking love her to death. Just look at this!

Another thank you goes out to evilangel813 for the banner she made me for Fade Into You Fade Into You BannerLetterward likes, and gives you *licks*

You can see an edited version to fit this page over there! That was done by thewaywardgirl as well. If you click that button, it magically takes you to my story! Oooooh, Aaaaah. Sufficiently dazzled?

Yet another thank you goes to Teambella23 (AKA Teamsmella23, AKA Mary-fucking-kick-ass) For like...being my mentor when I first started this craziness. She was so great and helpful.

Ummm, to everyone that like, sent me stories to read, yes I am STILL trying to get through them all, but thank yo so much for giving me things to read! Its been awesome!

Last but not least, my lil-non-ficster, Nerdybear, who finally read my story and RTs pretty much everything I tweet! Follow her, It might make your life. Everyone needs a lil nerdybear in their life, especially when they are from Joisey <3

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