April 10, 2012

Pretty in Pink by @Fr333Bird

Ever wanted to see Riley hook up with Emmett? Yeah, I didn't see it either at first, but it's like a cupcake you didn't realize you wanted til you see the pretty pink frosting on the chocolate mound. You have to have it.

 Emmett is straight, honestly, but Riley isn't. And Riley looks confusingly pretty in the corset that he's wearing for a bet. Kinky oneshot, now extended - because these boys are too much fun to leave alone and some plot snuck in when I wasn't looking. AH.

I fell in love with these boys from the first paragraph. Riley is such a fun character and the way he tortures Emmett is just divine. It's light and quick and a very fun read. I highly encourage the slash girls to get with Pretty in Pink. Even if you aren't a hardcore slashy, you'll love this story. It's just adorable and sweet and delicious! 

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<3, Rain

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  1. This story is asolutely delicious, and this is coming from a diehard Edward & Bella fan, so you KNOW it must be good! While I read mostly E&B, I do enjoy some slash, though the majority I read is Edward & Jasper, so this is pretty out of my norm. The author is sooooo good, though, that I just had to check it out, and boy, I was not disappointed! Really, though, everything she writes is great. My first and still my favorite of hers is "He Who Dares, Watches", but everything she writes is fantastic, plus she's just a really nice person, so check her out! You'll be very happy you did!


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