January 15, 2012

Love's Little Book by @Littlestar300

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Love's Little Book by littlestar300
Bella's looking for a fresh start and one day it comes to her in the form of a flyer about the Boston Book Exchange. Can she help the reclusive owner Edward Cullen into the land of the living, and can he help her make the changes she needs in her life.

Pairing: Edward/Bella
Rating: M
Status: Complete
Genre: Fluff, Shyward, AwkWard, Sweetward

Love's Little Book tells the story of recently divorced Bella Swan who decides to volunteer for the Boston Book Exchange. The owner, Edward, is a bit of a nervous wreck in the most adorable way possible. This Edward is AwkWard, Shyward, and Sweetward all wrapped into one. His stuttering and timid nature is very endearing to read...like when he gets nervous around Bella:
Oh god he is going to kiss me, please kiss me... no, don't kiss me, I thought. My brain was working a million miles a minute and I didn't know what I wanted.

He leaned down slightly.

I prepared myself, braced myself for the softness of his lips and the turmoil I was sure would follow. The burning got worse, the static turned to electricity and I was ready.

But then as soon as it started, it was over. Edward pulled away sharply as though he had only just realized what he was doing.

"I... um... I should go," he stuttered.

Before I could reply he swiftly turned around and in his haste to get away walked straight into the door frame. He grunted at the impact, corrected himself and walked out the door.

I watched him leave, terrified about what had happened and the effect it would have on the friendship we were slowly building.

Before he disappeared around the corner towards the elevator, he stopped and turned around to look at me. His cheeks were pink from his embarrassment, but the smile he sent me was nothing short of devastating.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Bella." I smiled back at him, and nodded. We stared at each other for a moment longer before he disappeared out of my line of sight.

I walked back into my apartment, closed the door and leaned against it. Thoughts were racing through my head, but all I could mutter was, "Oh fuck." (Chapter 10)

Lol, oh fuck is right Bella! Looks like she is going to have to make the first move with Shyward...

While Edward steals the show in this story, littlestar300's Bella is very enjoyable to read as well. The story is from her point of view, so you get some funny insight into what she's thinking about Edward and their relationship:
The movie was not my choice. It was just a distraction. I was thinking about kissing Edward and Johnny Depp was on the TV so I began thinking about kissing him, which got me even more worked up than I was before, especially when I thought about them kissing each other. I had no idea where that image came from but I had to shut it down. I was blushing so hard I was probably glowing in the dark. (Chapter 18)

I loved the fact that Edward was the bookworm in this story, he was the one who majored in literature and owned a bookstore. Bella hadn't even read Wuthering Heights before! *gasp* A little role-changing is always refreshing to read.

Love's Little Book is pure fluff, I was "aww-ing" through this whole story. It might have a bit of a slow start (we are dealing with Shyward here), but it's a quick read and not drawn out.

The Shyward/Sweetward combo is one of my favorites. If you know of any stories that feature Shyward/Sweetward, let me know in the comments below. While you're at it, go read Love's Little Book and make sure to leave the author some love! (And perhaps tell her we sent you...)

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