January 22, 2012

Announcing the winner of The Wayward Makeover Contest

The time is here, we are happy to announce the winner of our contest!

*cue drumroll*

The winner is.....time_lights!

Her winning entry can be seen on our blog already, but here it is again:

time_lights is a banner maker and active member of TwiFicPics. Her banners always convey the mood of a fic perfectly and her use of textures make me drool a little bit. Somehow she always picks the perfect font...HOW?? I think I have typography envy.

A few of my favorites:

She makes beautiful banners, wallpapers, icons, and textures that can be found on her LiveJournal here.

Because we only had a few entries, we're not going to have a 2nd or 3rd place, but you can view the rest of the wonderful entries under the cut. Many thanks to the other artists who entered: Holly-SA-Cullen and Laura.

Holly-SA-Cullen's entries:

Laura's entry:

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