December 27, 2011

One-Shot Author Special @TheRainGirl4

I am a very lucky girl, when I first started talking to this very talented author little did I know she'd  become a friend, and my writing slave... I mean I do make the banners, it's just really awesome to see my prompts and plot bunnies actually written.

She does have multi chapter stories too, but I'm focusing on the O/S' for today.

Well start with -

To Honour and Obey - I'm not much for spanking, but everything she writes is just so perfect you don't even notice.
Twi Kink Fest Submission Prompt: Edward and Bella are in a consensual Domestic Discipline relationship, with Edward being the Head of Household. Bella's gotten herself into some trouble. That's all there is to it. E/B, BDSM

Cibus pro Anima - It is a lactation fetish, but it's also very cute! It is written for the TwiKinkFest so reader discretion is advised.
Twi Kink Fest Prompt: Pregnant Bella and Edward figures out he has a lactation fetish. Rated M for a reason. Do enjoy!

This Life - I am all about the B/E unless it's slash, but I made the banner for this one, I am so glad I read it. You'll love this badass motorcycle riding Jasper.
Jasper is the son of the head of the Nomads motorcycle club and has just lost his son to the state. Alice is the DA's daughter looking to prove herself in the courts. Alice is as straightedge as they come, so why is she dreaming of blue eyes & 1800CCs?

Buon Anno - We'll finish with some slashy love, I found a gif, I had a plot bunny, I made her write it. :D LOL
Something fluffy and sweet. Edward and Jasper seniors in HS, both gay but not out, so they don't know about each other. They are crushing on one another. A party, Alice wants to play spin the bottle, of course she gets her way.

These are just a handful of what she has posted on her profile, I suggest you go and leave her some love!

Hope you all had a wonderful, or at least not too dramatic Christmas! I'll catch ya on the other side of 2012!
xoxo, Lea

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  1. Awww! Thank you for the beautiful words!!! You, once again, made my day! And I'll always be your writing slave, so keep the prompts coming. You're an excellent muse!


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