October 30, 2010

Edward who? A Team Emmett Push

I know what you're thinking...Emmett, really? I never thought I would like Emmett/Bella fics...but I've been proven wrong. I know in a lot of stories the pair has a very brother/sister-like bond, but they can be a couple too!! *pouts*

So I've found some really great Emmett/Bella fics that I'd like you guys to check out...give the pairing a try, you might be pleasantly surprised...

Time Will Tell by December Jinx

The Cullens left Bella, but she holds herself together. Jasper returns to her, asking for forgiveness and her help. Alice is not well, and he needs Bella to go back in time with him to help her. Will Bella find love with a different Cullen?

If you've never read an Emmett/Bella fic...THIS is where you need to start. Time travel, HUMAN Emmett, and a lil heartbreak. It was the first Em/B I ever read and it's still my all-time favorite. It's creative and awesome and squeeee....go read it!

Consent to Release by HopelessRomantic79

Emmett is a software programmer and Bella's a cop- how do things switch up when they're in the bedroom? Lessons and sexing and hot lovin' oh my! AH/AU/OOC/BDSM. Now being continued as a full story.

Um...nerdy Dommett....do I really need to say any more? Well-written and different from any Em/Bella I've read. LOL I do need to share this quote though:

Edward smoldered. I mean literally, he looked like he was trying to be a model or something, sucking in his cheeks and looking all Fabio-ish… My mind briefly flashed to "Blue Steel" and I nearly giggled out loud.

Crashing Head On by HopelessRomantic79

 Tempers flare and personalities clash as Bella cares for an injured Emmett, but does that hate translate into love?

A sweet fic with a love-hate relationship between Bella and Emmett. I enjoyed Esme and Renee's relationship almost as much as Emmett and Bella's! This one is complete too, so that's a plus!

Just Like You by Irenella Courmett

 Emmett is a carefree, fun guy with a trust fund. Bella is a young college student with a bright future. A one night stand has consequences they don't expect or are prepared for.

Such a sweet story. I love kids in fics and the ones in this one are too cute for words. Check this out if you're looking for Dadmett...*whispers* This lil guy is complete too!

Thanks to whoever rec'd Just Like You to me on twitter...I can't find who it was but yeah...thanks *hugs*

Let me know if you guys check these out and how you like 'em! Until next time....

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