September 16, 2010

VIDEO: Somewhere Between Crimson & Blue by antiaol

Author: antiaol

Rating: M

Summary: After eighteen years at home and a year in the dorms, reclusive, shy boy, Edward, is finally living on his own, prepared to enjoy his life of quiet and solitude. When his path crosses with a vibrant, vivacious and older Bella, sparks ignite and he's immediately intrigued and drawn to her. As their relationship begins to blossom, Bella challenges Edward's already cemented thoughts on life and love. Will opposites attract and allow them to learn and grow from each other? Or is this unexpected romance already on a collision course of destruction?

Status: Complete

Why I Love This Story: Bri tells a story like no other. It has everything you could ask for and then some. I only hope the video does the story justice! The entire story is told from Edward's point of view, except for a few outtakes that FGB team members received. As a reader, we don't have any clue as to Bella's take on the budding relationship, only Edward's interpretation of what's going on. The chapters are written beautifully, and the story is believeable and actions/reactions are honest. I adore Babyface - If you haven't read this - Go now!! This is a story you can read and reread and reread!!

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