September 9, 2010

DOUBLE REVIEW: The Cube and Tilt by Sdfreeze

Don't let the T rating scare you away from these two gems. The Cube and it's sequle Tilt pretty much blew my mind with their awesomeness.

The Story: The Cube
The Author: Sdfreeze
The Rating: T
The Pairing: Bella/Edward
The Status: Complete!

The Summary:
Bella is a unique girl, to say the least, and meets Edward when he needs to learn a different way to live. She helps him look at the world in a whole new way and find true love.

What I have to say about it:
Bella is a squiggle locked in a cube. If you dont understand me...don't expect to by the end of this either as I am very much a squiggle.

Squiggles see the world in a different way. They don't like to be confined, so four flat walls containing them feels like being suffocated. Bella here works in a cubicle. A very neat, very small cubicle, as does the person across the way. She has fake sisters, a fake dead dog (she totally needs to find a new one on the internet) and horoscopes tacked to her corkbaord. Bella HATES her cubicle. Oh, and Elevators too.
My days are so mind numbing I have to do things to liven them up. I glanced across the walkway at the guy in the cubicle even with mine. He was neat, too neat, most likely a serial killer, a gorgeous, hot, sexy, serial killer. His cube was perfect and I noticed his file cabinet open, displaying perfectly placed color coded files.

I pulled open my file drawer and everything was stuffed haphazardly with files facing in all directions. I knew exactly where everything was, and had to hope I didn't die on my way to work some morning or the person taking over my cube would be totally lost. I shut the drawer quickly in case Mr. Perfect happened to look over, which he never did. He liked the square and I longed for a squiggle. Why didn't architects design buildings in a squiggle?

I would happily sit in a line of desks, with my back against the wall and my arm able to reach out to touch the window. I would even joyfully climb on the row of desks to walk down the long squiggle to reach the door. I really hated squares.

But was Mr. Perfect REALLY a square? Was he the serial killer that her over active mind turned him into? No, you're right. He wasn't, as became evident The Squiggle and Mr. Perfect met for the first time outside of work.
He walked over to where I was leaning against the brick wall and leaned in slowly to kiss me. I turned my head, using my newfound strength, and said, "Edward, *omitting the gah*, I don't think I should kiss you while you're still married."

"I'm not still married," he said emphatically.

"I know, but you're not divorced yet either," I said sadly.

"Okay," he said and reached in his pocket. "Give me your number so I can call you the second I sign the papers."

He pulled a small pen from his jeans; it was very thin, and very short, and it wasn't a normal straight pen, it was squiggle shaped. He held it up with embarrassment and said, "Sorry."

I threw my arms around his neck, and jumped up to wrap my legs around his waist, as I plunged my tongue into his mouth. He had a squiggle shaped pen and I would drag him to my bed because of it.

Whats this?? The square has a squiggle pen? Surely not! Oh but he does! The leave they have a wonderful night, and he leaves undercover..but not before they leave their marks behind on each other with said squiggle pen.
I wrote my number first and then, You're welcome in my bed anytime. You have great toes. I gave him one last kiss and stood in my driveway, clad in only panties and a tee, as I watched him drive down the street. I went back inside the house and walked into my room to dispose of the sheet which had to hear the J word.

I glanced down at my arm and read; You're going to have my children someday. Edward, ah, Cullen wrote that on my arm, the arm I now had to keep free from sweat, water, rain, or drool. I wanted to rush to a tattoo shop and have it immortalized forever in permanent ink. I did the only thing I could think of to prove I wasn't dreaming, I grabbed my camera and took a picture.


So I mean it can't be a perfect run of course...I mean, not with Daddy owning the square company and his family in all of their squareness. They have their issues, but can they resolve them???? Read and find out!

The Story: Tilt
The Author: Sdfreeze
The Rating: T
The Pairing: Bella/Edward
The Status: Complete!

The Summary:
Can a squiggle and a Lemniscates make a marriage work and have a child? Will Edward, ah, learn to trust women and will Bella finally learn to listen *SEQUEL To The Cube*

What I have to say:
So now you know. Edward, ah, is in fact a lemniscate. Don't know what a lemniscate is? YOU SQUARE!! No I'm kidding. Its the infinity symbol. Basically, he's half square/half squiggle. He's trying, come on now.

So here we have a married Squiggle and Lemniscates. A baby on the way that she insists on calling Budge (with great reason, I might add) and a whole new slough of problems. The things is, Mom Bella decides that its inapropriate to be a squiggle, so she must lose her squiggliness and become a square *shudders* to keep the interest of her man, Edward, ah.

She couldn't be farther from the truth. Watch as Baby (not named Budge) is delivered by unconventional means, and with almost drastic circumstances. Hang out while they throw an intervention party for her because all they want is the REAL Bella back.

I spun around to face Edward, ah, and he actually shook a bit. "Your ex-wife told me the only reason I got you was because you were broken, and Trooper would fix you, so I would lose you. I was trying to be a square to keep our marriage together."

"Yeah, well, whores lie," he said boldly.

I jumped into his arms and kissed him very inappropriately as the room cheered. I was back; my time in square purgatory was over. Rose pulled on my arm to dislodge me from my hot guy who I longed to hear profanity from to say angrily. "My daughter is not ugly."

"I didn't say she was," I said and turned back to the kissing.

"You called her ugly Emma," she pressed and wouldn't give it a rest.

"I know, because it is her name, she is actually very cute, a little freaky with her mad skills, but adorable."

"Her name isn't ugly Emma," Rose said, getting way too fixated on a simple name.

"Then why did you name her that?" I smirked and pulled Edward, ah, toward the office.

Honestly. Read these fics and you will NOT be sorry you did!



  1. I haven't read this fic, but you're right don't scare with T rating, I happened read SDFREEZE stories ; feel, learn, boys and girls, forever yours, ride of my life, shadow in the lights, shattered glass...all are T Rating but definitely best fanfic ever. She is a very talented author..lets give a try ;)

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