August 11, 2010

REVIEW: How to Turn a Straight Guy Gay by Lou-La

The Story: How to Turn a Straight Guy Gay

The Author: Lou-La

The Pairing: Edward/Jasper

The Rating: M

The Status: WIP

Summary: "My name is Jasper Whitlock, and I teach straight boys the pleasure of c*ck."

Need a laugh?

Want a break from all the sad that the Twilight Fandom offers?

Do you need some humor? Want to laugh out loud, slap your knee and have people stare at you and wonder just what the fuck you are reading that is making you giggle and snort like a fucking lunatic?

Like it when Edward and Jasper kiss?

"I, as a gay man, have absolutely no interest in other gay men. That isn't to say I can't be attracted to a gay man. I have been before butthe moment I find out they're gay, or Bi or even curious, they immediately lose all appeal to me." -Jasper, Chapter 1

If you're like me you're a huge fan of Slash fics... if you're like meits hard for you to find a fic and stick to it. I'm picky... this is no surprise. I'm not huge on fluff or secrets or unnecessary bullshit. This doesn't only apply to cannon fics, I'm the same way with slash... I recently asked my followers on twitter to rec me their favorite Jasper/Edward fics... out of all the recs I got I only liked two.

How to Turn a Straight Man Gay is by far the funniest story I have read since Geek Love. The fic follows Jasper, an artist, who is a self-confessed straight man seeker. He meets Edward through a mutual friend, Emmett, and is smitten from first sight. The fact that Edward is not gay only makes him game... and Jaspers next "victim."

"Ok, listen here Jazz, I'm not fucking interested so go away." -Edward Chapter 1

Edward is single, lives a privileged life... finding a friend in Jasper, unknowing of the fact that he's gay although he suspects. By the second chapter they have exchanged numbers hung out... drank beer, gone swimming (Jasper is naked) and drawn tattoos.

Jasper quickly realizes he is in deep, the thought of stealing Edward's "butt cherry" Is the least of his worries because Edward finds out...

Trust me when I say there is a perfect mix of Humor, sexual tension, heart fail and romance. I've read a few Slashes... there are only a couple I rec and this is one of them. Jasper's personality blossoms and deep down inside he is such a fucking chick!

I laughed until I cried, literally...

"He fucking texted me... squeeeee!" -Jasper Chapter 2

Yes... Jasper squees, whimpers, and Unf's.

He even fucking cries... but all in the name of humor and love.

You will love her take on these characters; I see Emmett and Jake in a whole new light. Edward is as cocky as ever and Jasper... sweet, sweet Jasper...

How to Turn a Gay Man Straight, is a must read. If you have never read a slash fic before this is a wonderful place to start... you won't regret it! Long, easy chapters... Written awesomely, uber nice author, just an all around win.

"I grabbed his hair between my fingers and pulled his head down slightly so I could get a better angle, and shoved my mouth harder against his. I pressed my hips forward and ground against him, laughed as a deep growl rumbled in his chest." -Jasper Chapter 3

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