July 28, 2010

REVIEW: C 5 6 by ss10

The Story: C 5 6

The Author: ss10

The Pairing: Edward/Bella

The Genre: Drama/Romance

The Rating: M

The Status: WIP

The Summary:
"People just assume that you're my nurse." Edward is a
quadriplegic, ten years after his accident he meets Bella - a socially
inept wanderer. Together they come to an understanding, one that
challenges all palpable perceptions.

Looking for a fic that defies normal and stale fan fiction plots? I offer and highly recommend C 5 6 by ss10...a novella, inspired by a true story; refreshing and full of hope.

C 5 6 quadriplegic; meaning that a person is paralyzed from the waist down.

Don't expect to feel sorry for this Edward, despite being limited and in a wheel chair he chooses to live.... Looking at it as a second chance instead of the end of his life.

He does not dwell.

Meeting Bella at a museum, she is shy...asking her out, their relationship comes with obstacles that are easily conquered. Bringing the best out of each other...finding love...

This author is excellent if you like different...don't go into C 5 6 expecting angst, regret..or even feeling uncomfortable about Edward being in a wheel chair. He will win your heart as easily as the next "ward" out there will. This fic is hope based...its happy; leaving you smiling after each update.

Edward has a fetish for toes...its fucking fantastic!

Creative lemons...beautiful words, short...straight to the point and a must read! Trust me...

"...I'm the one in the wheel chair...I don't know if my previous explanation concerning my flacid cock syndrome is sufficient. I haven't taken my viagra..." Edward, chapter 9.

Reviewed by TeamBella23 / @Teamsmella23

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  1. PLEASE I need to finish reading this story? any ideas?


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