July 10, 2010

Latest Pushes!

Thanks to everyone who has filled out the forms to request a push. It actually makes life SO much easier! These are the stories I've pushed in the last couple of day.

The Crow and the Butterfly by LollipopWhispers

Bella thought she married the man of her dreams, only to have it shattered into pieces. Can her friends help break down her walls and help her realize yesterday was over? And can the crow really catch the butterfly?...And can the butterfly accept the secret the crow holds that can usually only be found in horror films and books?

Out of the Ruins by Shirley007

Follow Jasper as a seventeen year old boy, enlisting in the army, through the years spent serving for the Confederate army, Maria's army and when he finally meets the love of his life and sets out to find the Cullens. Written for MimiLove4Ever and FGB

Songbird by SydneyAlice

On the eve of a wedding, a chance encounter in a piano bar leads to a weekend of passion. When faced with the consequences, will Bella and Edward overcome their differences and focus on what's really important in life? AH. Rated M.

Bounty by skeezon

Isabella Swan is on the run, a nameless bounty hunter in pursuit. She wants freedom, he wants her. Will they each get what they so desperately wish for? Or will they get much, much more?

Continuation of Midnight Sun by Kina Johns Adkins

This is a continuation of the unfinished novel, Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer. The book was intended as a companion novel to the Twilight book. My story takes off where Midnight Sun ends.

There ya be! Don't forget! All of these stories have been added the the C2 as well! Link over there on the side

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