June 24, 2010

Wednesday Pushes! (a day late, but meh)

These are the stories I pushed Yesterday, but it was a messed up day so I didnt have time to poste them here! Anyways, fo your Reading Pleasure and PLEASE remember to review what you read, here they are!!!!

Your Voice Was All I Heard by twimamma

Bella is hiding from the same past that Edward can't forget. Soul mates lost. "You don't understand, Jasper, I can't let her go. I still feel her." Love, Loss, Sex, Lies & an unbreakable bond. Rockerward. CANON pairings with LEMON zest. AU/AH E/B

Loving it. Can't wait to see these two back together again!

Stripped by punkfarie

Edward and Bella both nearly lose their lives when they lose their first loves. Can they find a reason to live in each other or will their relationship send one of them over the edge? OOC, ExB, AH. Rated M. COMPLETE

Its great, I love it, I love her, what else is thre to say...just go read it!

Sinful Thoughts by readingmama

Edward is adopted by the Swans at birth. How will Bella and Edward cope with their growing attraction when they think they are siblings? Rated M for uncomfortable situations, please read with caution.

I know alot of you are reading 'Gloaming' right now, well this is my favorite of her stories. Go check it out...and no. No actual incest is involved. *rolls eyes* lol

This is an FGB push for javamomma0921
FGB O/S http://www.thefandomgivesback.com/item.php?id=359
FGB Outtake http://www.thefandomgivesback.com/item.php?id=348
FGB Forum http://www.thefandomgivesback.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=29&sid=b2a31bff14b6de4b1e04b37e373c7c1f

SO! Thats What I have for you today! Leave some love!


  1. Sinful Thoughts is the shiznit!!! A must read seriously!

  2. Thanks for the rec, and thanks for the comment evilangel!


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