June 27, 2010

Supposedly lazy Sunday Pushes! Enjoy

Falling For the First Time by SnowWhiteHeart

GEEKWARD SHUFFLE CHALLENGE WINNER! Lonely Edward finally found a place where he fits in—the World of Warcraft. He meets a girl from Phoenix, and when she moves to Edward's neck of the woods, the nerdy sparks fly like lightsabers clashing. M for language

Geekvampward and 90sinfatuatedvampTanya are pretty great!

What the Hell by i_heart_the_doctor

Bella and Edward, who have never met, are both fans of drinking and one night stands. Settling down isn't for them. Sex is fun, so what happens when they wake up as the wrong sex? More specifically; what happens when they wake up as each other? AH

LOL. Okay its just great. Go read it and review!!!!

That is all for today. Regretably, I will be gone out of town all day tomorrow, so perhaps I will post more recs on Tuesday, which incidentally happens to be ECLIPSE DAY! I cant believe its almost here!


(P.S. I got kittens. They be 5 weeks old and the cutest lil balls of fur you've ever seen!)

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  1. Aw, I love Teddy in Falling for the First Time :)


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